Tim McGraw headlining first-ever Cuba show

Four night travel packages include two exclusive concerts by McGraw and friends

Tim McGraw is heading to Havana for the first time ever! This coming Memorial Day weekend, the GRAMMY Award winning superstar will be flying down to Cuba for Tim McGraw: One Of Those Havana Nights, a four day trip presented by Music & Arts Live set for May 23-27, 2019.

“I’ve never been to Cuba but have always wanted to go,” McGraw says in a press release. “I imagine the Cuban culture to be a little like growing up in Louisiana, where music, food and family play a big part in daily life. Their musical history is world-renowned, and of course, there are the classic old cars. I look forward to experiencing it all firsthand.

McGraw will be performing two unique acoustic shows during the trip, one exclusive to the group at the intimate Teatro Bellas Artes and another open to the Cuban public at Havana’s renowned Teatro Mella. He will be joined at the concerts by some amazing Cuban artists, including Carlos Varela, Traditionales De Los 50, and the GRAMMY Award winning Cuban music legends Los Van Van.

“Though I’ve never worked with any Cuban musicians, I’ve long been influenced by music with Latino beats and soul. I’m excited to meet them all and to hear them play,” he shares. “Musicians, from whatever country or background, always love to meet other musicians. We share the same love of music, so it’s just a matter of time before we find sounds that we have in common – and use those commonalities to build something new together.”

“I feel honored that I get to share my music with the Cuban people,” says McGraw. “What an incredible opportunity. For me, music transcends language. There is a heart and soul to music that all people understand on some level. Cubans have such an intimate relationship with music, I’m happy we’ll get to share that together for a night.

“One of the best things we can do as humans is to expand our knowledge of other cultures and people,” McGraw says. “The best way to do that is through travel. As an artist, I am energized by exploring a new country and through meeting the people who call it home. Cuba will give me a new palette of sounds and colors to draw from next time I go to create.”

Admission to non-Cuban citizens for the once-in-a-lifetime event are only available via several travel packages that are available now. Individual tickets are not available for this special weekend. Packages start at $2,999 with each room having an ocean view and including a box of cigars and a bottle of rum.

Under the Trump Administration, individual tourism for U.S. citizens has been discontinued, but legitimate Cultural Exchanges with licensed travel groups are encouraged. U.S. citizens are required to have visas to travel to Cuba and can obtained via the airline. Cost is around $80 each.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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