Tips for balancing a music career while studying

Being in college is a full-time commitment. You’re always attending classes, taking assignments, and reading for exams. Attending to the social side of your life can be difficult when you have demanding coursework.

Pursuing a music career while studying can complicate your situation because it’s also demanding. You spend evenings and weekends rehearsing, producing, writing, leading your team, or taking up gigs. It’s a lot of work.

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While taking a music career amidst studies can seem complicated, it’s doable. Here are four tips to help you stay on top of both.

1. Get Your Priorities Right

Combining your art with studies is challenging. It’s easy to over focus on one at the expense of the other. That’s why setting priorities is critical. Identifying your priorities helps you know what life aspect – music or coursework – to dedicate more time and energy to.

If you must choose one instead of the other, you’d be able to quickly decide since you know your priority. For example, if you have classes on weekdays but get music gigs at that time, you’ll know whether to turn down the gig or take it and miss classes.

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2. Plan Your Day or Week

When you set your priorities right, the next step is to get organized by scheduling your time. Pursuing a music career while studying can be intense. The last thing you want is to get bombarded with a lot of work without knowing where to start.

Scheduling your day helps you manage your time efficiently, keeping you on top of your studies and art.

Here’s a roundup of tips on how to schedule your day for proper time management.

  • Use a calendar app on your phone and laptop to plan your week. Get one app that syncs data across your devices.
  • Create a to-do list for the day or week. Write your tasks in the planner, with the approximate time each takes. Use color or stickers to mark tasks depending on urgency or importance. Set time for breaks and lunches, too.
  • Set reminders and notifications to start working on time. Turn on the repeat feature for tasks that you do daily or often.
  • Be flexible when creating the timetable. Review and readjust the planner if it doesn’t work well. Read your calendar the previous night to memorize what’s coming up the next day.
3. Set and Track Your Goals Source

You must set specific goals to stay on top of your music career and coursework. Goal setting is a roadmap that clarifies your school work and music. When you set and track goals, you can easily know when and where you’re falling and readjust when something is not working. The best way to set goals for school and your music career is to divide them into small actionable tasks.

You might get exhausted or swamped with other stuff, and attending to your goals becomes tricky. When such happens, focus on the small tasks that push the needle instead of the larger goals.

4. Find a Balance

Pursuing education can seem like a full-time commitment already. When you add a music career to it, everything can get overwhelming. Even worse, you overfocus on your music and school work without caring about other aspects of your life.

Besides studies and music, you have a whole life to live. It’s easy to get stressed when you have so many things going on. That’s why you must balance your life, school work, and music career. When you find a balance, you’ll not feel guilty attending to one area of your life.

If spending extra time chilling with friends once a week reenergizes you, don’t feel guilty. Take some time off to relax to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can even reward yourself with a trip or week off work after an intense commitment or ticking duties off your to-do list.


It’s possible to pursue a music career while studying in college. While balancing both can be challenging, you can manage by organizing yourself. Know your priorities and create a timetable that works for you. Also, set goals and balance your life, music, and college work. By following these approaches, you can have an all-rounded experience.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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