TMU Exclusive: Julie C Myers transitions from Nearly Nicks to solo artist

Arguably the world’s most sought after Stevie Nicks tribute artist, Julie C Myers has traveled the globe riveting audiences with her performances as Nearly Nicks for over eight years. Besides being a Stevie Nicks doppleganger, Myers is also a vocal powerhouse, trained gymnast, former Playboy “Girl of Rock ‘n Roll,” and professional dancer. Now, after years of performing as the premiere Stevie Nicks tribute artist, Myers has released her debut album, Rock On/Fearless Journey, which blends her contagious energy, raspy rock vocals and southern charm together.

“It’s my first album that I have recorded as myself because over the last several years have been known as one of the top Stevie Nicks tribute artists,” she tells us exclusively. “So, I’ve spent a lot of my last several years dedicating to being that. This is kind of a new thing. Something I’ve always wanted to do. A dream come true.”

Myers says the 13 track project includes a mix of original songs she’s co-written as well as cover material.

“I got to go to Nashville and record an album this summer of originals. There’s some cover tunes on there that I’ve done some different arrangements with and changed up a little bit and kinda made my own. Songs that I thought were worthy of revisiting and maybe becoming a hit again, who knows?” she says. “And then some originals that I got to record that I was just to the moon excited to be able to do that. It’s kinda one of those dream come true kinda things.”

Julie C Myers - Rock on / Fearless Journey

Myers says the journey to becoming a solo artist is being accepted better than she had ever thought.

“It’s actually getting received very well from a lot of different kinds of audiences. I’m finding different age groups are diggin’ it. Baby boomers are diggin’ it. The coolest thing about it is that it’s cross genres,” she explains. “The whole CD… you listen to one song and like ‘Oh, that sounds like new country’ and then the next song, ‘Wait! That’s bluesy’ and then the next song will have that classic rock ZZ Top feel and then the next is a really sweet ballad that you would hear on the radio today. I think I’m the most surprised of the reception that it’s getting. Not only so quickly, but like I said with the different age groups and genre music lovers. There’s something on there for everybody. That’s really exciting for me.”

Myers credits the songs on Rock On/Fearless Journey with helping her make this transition. You can see the album’s first official music video for “Can’t Get My Heart Around That” below.

“I feel like these songs will do it and then I have a lot of room for growth as a singer, performer — and writing I am finding it’s something I am really starting to get into — so I feel like it’s kinda part of my next journey to venture out and write more originals,” she tells us.

As Myers begins experimenting with songwriting, she says the recording process really made her fall in love with the idea of becoming a solo performing and recording artist.

“I just love performing and I love recording. I found that out as well this summer,” she states. “I’ve been in the studio a few other times working on Stevie Nicks projects and covering her songs. That was kind of a labor of love because it was very stressful because I was trying to sound like somebody else. In this new CD, Rock On/Fearless Journey, it’s just me. So it opened a whole new can of worms. It went really good in Nashville. Plus, I was completely spoiled rotten by the best of the best players, studio session players, on my record.”


Besides focusing on the new CD, Myers is continuing with her Nearly Nicks persona. She is currently planning her upcoming tour “Dreams…A Classic Rock Fantasy” with tribute artists for Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger.

“It is going to be a Canadian tour the first time out,” she assures. “I think it’s 14 or 15 performances throughout Canada. We’re gonna start it here in Canada [where I am currently living] and depending on how well that tour does, we will probably do a U.S. tour next, and I’m not sure what part of the U.S. we would start in. Part of the cast of ‘Dreams…A Classic Rock Fantasy’ is based in Orlando, FL so it’s a strong possibility that’s where the next tour would start.”

Myers says she is really excited about the trek that she co-wrote with Martin Andrew who portrays Stewart in the show.

“It’s going to be a really interesting tour. I do portray Stevie Nicks in the show. It’s a powerful concert of classic rock music. I also portray somebody else in the show, but I’m keeping it a secret for now. I’m adding a different character. There’s a few other characters, too, in the show that audience don’t know,” she explains. “[Andrew] is very clever is his thought process and his writing, so there’s a lot of surprises for the audience for this as to who will show up on any given night of the tour. It’ll be always the main core cast, which is Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks, but you never know who’s gonna show up in the show because we’ve written it as such that it can have somewhat of a rotating cast, but you still have your core.”

She continues, “The other interesting thing is it tells a story. There’s a little bit of a jukebox musical feel you would say to it without crossing a line into that. So, tons of good music and then lots of surprises. Lots of surprises during the show and surprises at the end.”

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You can see the official music video for “Can’t Get My Heart Around That” below.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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