TMU Exclusive: Neon Hitch discusses new ‘Sparks’ video

Billboard number one dance and pop artist Neon Hitch has teamed up with The Paradise Collective, Hollywood’s newest premiere multi-faceted production company, for her latest video “Sparks.” The track is the first single from Hitch’s highly anticipated album Eleutheromaniac due out later this year.

Inspired by the future of film and content production, The Collective brings together cutting edge artists to cross elite film production with new age media. Hitch teamed up with directors Ryan Gregory Phillips and Josh Guillaume for the video which ignites the embers that tear away from the pop studio feel of Hitch’s past videos and follows a different story which portrays the dark, authentic, and grittiness of her tale, leaving the audience wanting more.

“For this, I wanted to show like a raw side of me,” she tells The Music Universe exclusively. “With the acting scenes, it was really liberating for me to kind of just express everything that I’ve been through in the past half year or so, and then also to really be myself in the purest form. And I feel like I got to really express that side of me in this video.”

The idea of the song came to Hitch while working in the studio one day. She says it stems from her quick love of people.

“For this, I wanted to show like a raw side of me.”

“We were just in the studio one day and I had just met this guy and I was like so pumped about it,” she says. “I have this thing where I fall in love with people instantly. You know, sometimes it was just last week, or sometimes in the last hour (laughs). Either way, it starts with this thought. It’s not something you can visually see, but you know, you feel this thought. I started singing this idea and then I started producing these chords around it, and it just kind of happened naturally.”

Knowing the importance of the #WeRNeon movement, a fan based label that utilizes Hitch’s fans as her A&R, art department and marketing machine, director Ryan Gregory Phillips was able to incorporate her staunch loyal fans as the background talent.

“Working with Neon has been a true blessing, having an artist give you full creative control is every director’s dream,” Phillips states. “Creating a story through visuals from scratch to show a different side of Neon Hitch which no one has ever seen before has been one of my greatest challenges to date. I feel that this video translates who Neon is and what ‘Sparks’ stands for, this project was about re-imagining who Neon is and I wanted that to be super obvious. I think we achieved that.”

Hitch says “Sparks” is the first of a lot of new music that she will be releasing this year.

“I have like three albums ready to go. It’s kind of complicated, but I guess it’s a good problem to have. Actually, I was in the studio [May 5th] and think I made another album. It’s kind of crazy. I’m a bit of a music machine,” she tells us of her many projects. “I have a lot of music. There’s gonna be a lot of music coming from me this year.”

As of this writing, no release date has been announced for Eleutheromaniac or the other projects, but “Sparks” is available digitally at iTunes and Amazon. The video can be seen below.

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Author: Buddy Iahn

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