Tomas Doncker’s full of political jazzy tunes with new album

New world artist Tomas Doncker’s EP, Power Of the Trinity, is a jazzy, political collection of songs that will no doubt strike at your conscious.

“Brooklyn 2 Ethiopia” is a soulful, very moving opening track but in a very New York-y type of way. “We Need Justice” has more of a political, forceful tune, accentuated with a hard charging guitar riff to give the song some punch.

The rest of the tracks don’t inspire much of anything. Tracks such “Peace” to “Abet Gurage” just don’t have much to offer musically. After two hot opening tracks, the album just seems to go nowhere, going from high to low. It really isn’t worth too much of a listen.


1. Brooklyn2Ethiopia (Ft Gigi)
2. We Need Justice (Ft Bill Laswell, Joe Bowie, Kofo the Wonderman & Zala Rolfe)
3. Peace (Hold On) (Ft Bill Laswell & Betty G)
4. Habesha Girl (Ft Betty G & Juggla)
5. Happy (Ft Charlie Funk)
6. Abet Gurage (Ft Mahmoud Ahmed, Selam Woldemariam & Nhatty Man)

Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.

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