Top music news stories this month

When it comes to breaking news stories and general controversy, it’s only big movie starts that can rival the musicians and rock stars of today. Never does a day go by that there isn’t some big news story featuring a well known musician hitting the headlines. Not that we mind of course!

That said; let’s take a quick gander at some of the news stories happening this month in the music world.

Britney Spears to Retire From Music In the Next 5 Years

Britney Spears is set to follow the likes of Adele (who announced she is to semi retire recently, with her no longer touring), and will quit the music business in the next five years. I’m sure there are many of you reading this thinking that she has already retired as she has been pretty quiet as of late, but she has been performing in Vegas for a resident show at the Plant Hollywood.

Britney’s dad is her manager but hiring a solicitor that deals specifically with media and entertainment would be in her best interest when it comes to making her retirement official.

Lady Gaga’s New Album Named and Release Date Revealed

Lady Gaga is back with a massive new single, and she has revealed some details about her upcoming new album. The eccentric Gaga was talking with Zayn Lowe, and revealed that the new album is almost finished, and will be called Joanne.

Coming on October the 21st, there will be two versions of the album: the normal with 11 tracks, and a deluxe version, with 14 tracks included.

Justin Bieber Caught Celebrating Oktoberfest by Downing Some Beers

You may remember that Justin Bieber had a DUI back in 2014. If you’re unsure as to what penalties such a charge comes with, there’s a great article outlining everything you need to know about drink and drug driving from Solicitors Guru.

It seems Justin is back on the beer again, and was seen celebrating Oktoberfest after a recent concert in Munich. Of course, this is perfectly fine as long as he doesn’t get behind the wheel again whilst intoxicated. Attempting to hide in a black hoodie, the Baby hit maker was said to have thrown back several steins of beer at the annual event.

The Craig David World Comeback Tour Rolls On

Craig David has announced that he intends to add Dublin and Belfast to the list of venues on his World Comeback tour. Hot on the heels of the release of his new album “Following my Intuition”, this will be David’s biggest tour in 15 years.

The R&B singer still has a vast following of fans, so this tour will be seen as most welcome by those looking to Rewind with the Bo Selecta star.

Green Day Postpone Gigs

Green Day has finally been forced to postpone some of their gigs, after an undisclosed infection spread to band and crew members. Three shows have been postponed so far, while the Toronto show has been cancelled outright.

The band’s new album, Revolution Radio, is due out in the next few weeks and this news will come as a major disappointment to those fans missing out on the affected gigs.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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