Rock music festivals have always had a certain irresistible appeal. In the US, we have Coachella, which has grown in fame over the years. Now imagine if we took the same concept around the world, mixing in the aspect of traveling with the aspect of music. It’s bound to be quite an experience.

As it turns out there are a lot of festivals planned for next year, and now is as good a time to know about them as any. You’ll have time to prepare and save up the money to make 2020 an incredibly epic year. Here is a list of the top rock music festivals of the coming year from around the world.

1. Envision Festival in Costa Rica

  • Venue: Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Date: February 17-24, 2020
  • Cost: range from flat ticket of $319 without accommodation to VIP ticket of $2,099 plus private bamboo suite. Separate accommodation includes tent rentals at $250 per person, bungalows at $1300 per person, bamboo suites at $1500 per person, and VIP tree house at $3497 full cost.

The motto for this festival is “The Original Jungle Festival.” With a name like that, who wouldn’t want to attend! As you might have gleaned from the motto, this festival is going to be an exquisite fusion of nature and music. It happens right on the beach along the Costa Rican coast, where the jungle meets the sea, and ecstatic music, covering rock and many other genres, floats out across the waves.

The pledge by Envision here is to embody the principles of permaculture, including community, acceptance, movement, and health. The whole event will be conducted in an environmentally friendly way. You can be sure you will not only be enjoying music here, but also engaging in a lot more with a bunch of kindred souls from all around the world.

2. Jai Thep Festival in Thailand

  • Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Date: January 31st to February 2, 2020
  • Cost: $58 or 1800 THB for regular tickets and $51 or 1600 THB for student discounts. Accommodations include $32 – $83 (1000 – 2600 THB) for camping for one or two people in both basic and deluxe categories.

This three day festival will be full of live bands, workshops, and some of the best DJs you have ever treated your ears to. It takes place in Northern Thailand and will include audiences and musicians from all over the world. The 2020 Jai Thep annual music festival will be the fifth edition and will have quite a bit of art about it. Workshops helping you find your inner self will be held in the midst of music of all genres, ranging from Indie to traditional Thai music.

Interactive 3D art installations and spaces where you can create your own art and collaborate with other artists, both professional and amateur, will also be part of the mix. There is no chance for boredom at this festival, since even aimlessly wandering will get you stumbling into some pretty nice surprises along the way. Whatever you’re looking for, this place, built specifically for those with a traveler’s spirit has something enticing for you.

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3. SXM Festival in The Caribbean

  • Venue: Saint Martin, The Caribbean
  • Date: March 11-15, 2020
  • Cost: between €295 and €595. For an extra €97.03 you get a five day transportation pass for unlimited travel between the main venues of the festival and select hotels. There is no accommodation package included, so you’ll have to arrange for your own accommodation.

The SXM Festival is four years old and has already grown to be one of the most famous festivals in the world for electronic music. The stages used for the festival range from villas to nightclubs, to beaches, to boats. They are stunning works of art made out of handcrafted materials that are 90% recycled. The performers are techno, house, and electronic music artists from all around the world, including both recognized veterans and rising stars.

As for the island of St. Martin itself, it is an absolute paradise, full of cool jungles, warm beaches, and the kind of tropical climate that infuses you with enough energy to go out and sample the food and nightlife. From nightly pool parties to morning cocktail parties, there isn’t a moment in St. Martin that people aren’t having fun.

4. Wide Open Space in Australia

  • Venue: Ross River Resort, Central Australia
  • Date: May 2020
  • Cost: Prices will be announced soon. Accommodation will be available in the form of camping around the festival site.

This is going to be an awesome music festival in the desert since it’s set in the MacDonnell ranges in early supper. It is a festival dedicated to the Arrernte people who are natives of Central Australia. It will last three days and take place on three stages, with workshops, children’s spaces, and a marketplace where you can buy food and crafts while mingling with friends from around the world.

5. Bali Spirit Festival

  • Venue: Ubud, Bali
  • Date: March 24-31, 2020
  • Cost: $30 per night or $150 for an eight day pass. Accommodation is not included so you will have to arrange for your own.

This is the ultimate festival for music and yoga, where you will undergo self-transformation and harmonization with your core. You will experience some of the best healing practices in the world, including the use of music as a form of medicine.

At this event you will make new friends, make a deep connection with nature, and embrace some pretty radical but appealing ideas involving music, movement, and meditation. Prepare to have your mind and soul stretched in new and helpful ways that will change your outlook on life.


As you can see, 2020 is packed with some pretty great festivals that will definitely make your year worth it. If you’re looking to enrich your student experience by listening to music and traveling the world, then these festivals are an excellent place to start.