Tori Amos announces ‘Boys For Pele’ Deluxe Edition

Rhino Records has announced Tori Amos Boys For Pele: Deluxe Edition, in celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary, for release as a 2 CD and 2 LP set on November 18th. The 2 CD set includes a newly remastered version of the original album, along with a selection of B-sides, rare recordings, and four previously unreleased tracks. The 2 LP set will be the original release of the original album pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

Moving away from the corporate environment to record in a church in Delganey, County Wicklow, and an old Georgian house in County Cork, Ireland, Boys for Pele altered the course of Amos’ career. As she explains in the album’s liner notes, “This is the record where I fought for my life.” Greeted with rapturous fan support, this proved this to be a rewarding decision. In addition to album fan favorites “Caught a Lite Sneeze” and “Hey Jupiter”, the groundbreaking Armand Van Helden remix of “Professional Widow” was #1 on the UK Singles Chart and US Dance Chart.

Amos was so prolific writing Boys for Pele that a number of songs were left off the album and released as B-sides. Many of them can be found among the 21 bonus tracks that appear on deluxe edition, including “Toodles Mr. Jim” and “Frog On My Toe.” Other rarities include the demo for “Fire-Eater’s Wife/Beauty Queen” and live recordings of “Honey,” “Sugar” and “Professional Widow.” Four unreleased gems make their debut on the collection: “To The Fair Motormaids of Japan,” “Talula” (M&M Mix), “In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (Rookery Ending)” and “Sucker.”

One of the most successful and influential artists of her generation, Tori Amos is as much a force to be reckoned with as when she made her debut as producer in 1996 on her third studio album, Boys for Pele, over two decades ago. An ambitious and uncompromising collection of songs about mythology (Pele was a Hawaiian volcano goddess), suppression and self-discovery, the record became one of her most successful, debuting at #2 on the album charts in both the U.S. and the U.K. An international hit, Boys for Pele hit the Top 10 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden.

2 CD | 2 LP

CD 1: Original Album

1. “Beauty Queen/Horses”
2. “Blood Roses”
3. “Father Lucifer”
4. “Professional Widow”
5. “Mr. Zebra”
6. “Marianne”
7. “Caught a Lite Sneeze”
8. “Muhammad My Friend”
9. “Hey Jupiter”
10. “Way Down”
11. “Little Amsterdam”
12. “Talula”
13. “Not the Red Baron”
14. “Agent Orange”
15. “Doughnut Song”
16. “In the Springtime of His Voodoo”
17. “Putting the Damage On”
18. “Twinkle”

CD 2: Bonus Tracks

1. “Hey Jupiter” – The Dakota Version
2. “To The Fair Motormaids Of Japan” *
3. “That’s What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)”
4. “Fire-Eater’s Wife/Beauty Queen” – Demo Version
5. “Professional Widow” – Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix (Radio Edit)
6. “Sugar” – Live
7. “Alamo”
8. “Talula” – M&M Mix *
9. “Professional Widow” – Merry Widow Version (Live)
10. “Frog On My Toe”
11. “Hungarian Wedding Song”
12. “Walk To Dublin (Sucker Reprise)”
13. “Toodles Mr. Jim”
14. “Sister Named Desire”
15. “Amazing Grace/Til The Chicken”
16. “This Old Man”
17. “Sucker” *
18. “Honey” – Live
19. “Graveyard”
20. “London Girls”
21. “In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (Rookery Ending)” *

* previously unreleased

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