Featuring an exclusive yellow LP pressing of A Boy Named Charlie Brown and merch

Turntable Lab (TTL) — the trusted Brooklyn-based digital retailer and tastemaker for DJs, audio heads, and music fans for over 20 years — announces an officially licensed collaboration with Peanuts just in time for the holiday season. Available to pre-order exclusively on TurntableLab.com and due out December 8th, the Turntable Lab x Peanuts collection features a special edition pressing of A Boy Named Charlie Brown on yellow wax, plus record mats, tote bags, and t-shirts, all being offered in multiple colors.

“As a lifelong Peanuts fan, this collaboration was a dream come true. First and foremost, I wanted to get the ‘Buying Records Cheers Me Up’ panel onto quality, well-printed shirts,” shears TTL co-owner Peter Hahn. “That image always spoke to me. For the slipmat design, we were able to dig through the PEANUTS archive to find our favorite music and record collecting themed strips. We laid them out simply so you could almost read it like a comic book in between the time you change records. We’ve been using these for a while now, and we’re continually finding new nuances in Charles Schulz’s work. Lastly, we filled out the collection with an exclusive pressing of the classic Charlie Brown soundtrack.”

This vinyl reissue of the classic 1964 soundtrack, A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Colored Vinyl) – Turntable Lab Exclusive (available for $24.95), is being released in partnership with Craft Recordings. The album was newly remastered from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and features nine evocative cues from the Vince Guaraldi Trio, including memorable tracks such as the lilting “Oh, Good Grief,” the reflective “Happiness Is,” the lively “Charlie Brown Theme,” and the buoyant “Frieda (With the Naturally Curly Hair).” The exclusive yellow vinyl variant comes with a custom obi-strip and includes a special bonus: eight collectible baseball cards that showcase Charlie Brown’s team of misfits: Snoopy, Woodstock, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy Van Pelt, Franklin Armstrong, Schroeder, and, of course, manager and pitcher, Charlie Brown. On the back of the cards are key stats for each player, including their field position and favorite sandwich.

The collection’s premium reversible Peanuts Comic Strip Record Slipmat (available in blue, green, and grey for $19.95 for a single and $29.95 for a pair) are suitable for both everyday listening and DJing. There’s also a Peanuts Record Shopping Tote (available in black and natural for $20) and the 100% cotton Peanuts Record Shopping Shirt (available in black, royal blue, and gold for $30). The premium quality 10 oz cotton canvas tote features silkscreened graphics on both sides and comfortably holds about 30 records. TTL is offering the record on its own or bundled with their Peanuts tote (available for $40).