Two new Roger Taylor collections announced

As a founding member of Queen (2001 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees), Roger Taylor is not only one of rock’s most revered drummers, but has written No. 1 hits like “Radio Ga Ga” and “A Kind of Magic” and co-written such rock classics as “Under Pressure” and “One Vision” among many others. Add in his work with Jeff Beck, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Gary Numan, Foo Fighters, and more, and one can see why he is one of the most respected drummers in rock history. To top that off, he has had a critically acclaimed solo career starting with his 1977 single “I Wanna Testify.”

Omnivore Recordings is honored to celebrate Taylor’s own work with two releases. Best contains 18 tracks from both his aforementioned 1977 solo debut single through tracks from 2013’s Fun on Earth. This is the first-ever collection from Taylor, available on CD and double LP, with many tracks available on vinyl for the very first time. The packaging contains new liner notes from Taylor himself, and the first pressing of the LP will be available on gold vinyl for the first run, with black to follow. The initial run is destined to become a collector’s item and is available October 27th.

The Lot, originally released overseas, sees its first North American issue on November 11th. It is exactly what the title implies: Roger Taylor’s entire solo works. This massive 12-CD/1-DVD set, packaged in a 64-page hardbound book with slipcase, features all five of Taylor’s solo albums (including bonus tracks on 2013’s Fun on Earth, available only in this offering), and the three releases from the Cross — which found Taylor fronting a new band, handling lead vocals and guitar, and whose recordings featured guest appearances from his Queen bandmates Freddie Mercury and Brian May. The remaining four CDs contain every single and remix from both his solo material and releases with the Cross. Add in a DVD with promo videos, live performances, and extras, and you have the complete picture. You have The Lot. Also available on digital.

Together with Queen fellow band member Brian May, Queen is currently selling out venues all over the world on their Queen + Adam Lambert tour. Now is the time to bring Roger Taylor out from behind the drum kit and to the front of the stage. Best and The Lot will shine a spotlight on this legendary artist.

Each track listing is available below the video.

Roger Taylor - BestBest – CD | LP

1. Future Management
(You Don’t Need Nobody Else)
2. I Wanna Testify
3. Let’s Get Crazy
4. Magic Is Loose
5. Strange Frontier
6. Man on Fire
7. Beautiful Dreams
8. Nazis 1994
9. Foreign Sand (With Yoshiki)
10. Everybody Hurts Sometime
11. Happiness
12. Surrender
13. Where Are You Now?
14. A Nation of Haircuts
15. Tonight
16. No More Fun
17. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (single version)
18. Sunny Day

Roger Taylor - The Lot

The Lot

CD 1: Fun In Space:

1. No Violins
2. Laugh Or Cry
3. Future Management
4. Let’s Get Crazy
5. My Country I & II
6. Good Times Are Now
7. Magic Is Loose
8. Interlude In Constantinople
9. Airheads
10. Fun In Space

CD 2: Strange Frontier

1. Strange Frontier
2. Beautiful Dreams
3. Man On Fire
4. Racing In The Street
5. Masters Of War
6. Killing Time
7. Abandonfire
8. Young Love
9. It’s An Illusion
10. I Cry For You (Love, Hope And Confusion)

CD 3: Shove It (The Cross)

1. Shove It
2. Cowboys And Indians
3. Contact
4. Heaven For Everyone
5. Stand Up For Love
6. Love On a Tightrope (Like An Animal)
7. Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress)
8. Rough Justice
9. The 2nd Shelf Mix

CD 4: Mad : Bad : And Dangerous To Know (The Cross)

1. Top Of The World, Ma
2. Liar
3. Closer To You
4. Breakdown
5. Penetration Guru
6. Power To Love
7. Sister Blue
8. Foxy Lady
9. Better Things
10. Passion For Trash
11. Old Men (Lay Down)
12. Final Destination

CD 5: Blue Rock (The Cross)

1. Bad Attitude
2. New Dark Ages
3. Dirty Mind
4. Baby It’s Alright
5. Ain’t Put Nothin’ Down
6. Teh Also Rans
7. Millionaire
8. Put It All Down To Love
9. Hand Of Fools
10. Life Changes

CD 6: Happiness

1. Nazis 1994
2. Hapiness
3. Revelations
4. Touch The Sky
5. Foreign Sand (with Yoshiki)
6. Freedom Train
7. You Had To Be There
8. The Key
9. Everybody Hurts Sometime
10. Lonliness
11. Dear Mr. Murdoch
12. Old Friends

CD 7: Electric Fire

1. Pressure On
2. A Nation Of Haircuts
3. Believe In Yourself
4. Surrender
5. People On Streets
6. The Whisperers
7. Is It Me?
8. No More Fun
9. Tonight
10. Where Are You Now?
11. Working Class Hero
12. London Town – C’Mon Down

CD 8: Fun On Earth (Box Set Version)

1. One Night Stand!
2. Fight Club
3. Be With You
4. Quality Street
5. I Don’t Care
6. Sunny Day
7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)
8. I Am The Drummer (In A Rock N’ Roll Band)
9. Small
10. Say It’s Not True (with Jeff Beck)
11. The Unblinking Eye (Abridged)
12. Up
13. Smile
14. Whole House Rockin’
15. Dear Mr. Murdock (Nude Mix)

CD 9: Roger Taylor Solo Singles

1. I Wanna Testify
2. Turn On The TV
3. My Country (Single Version)
4. Man On Fire (Extended Version)
5. I Cry For You (Single Remix)
6. Strange Frontier (Extended Remix)
7. I Cry For You (Extended Remix)
8. Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)
9. Nazis 1994 (Radio Mix)
10. Nazis 1994 (Kick Mix
11. Nazis 1994 (Schindlers Mix Extended)
12. Nazis 1994 (Makita Mix Extended)
13. Nazis 1994 (Big Science Mix)
14. Foreign Sand (with Yoshiki) (Single Version)
15. Final Destination (with Yoshiki)
16. Everybody Hurts Sometime (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire 1994)
17. Old Friends (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire 1994)

CD 10: Roger Taylor Solo Singles 2

1. Pressure On (Single Version)
2. People On Streets (Mashed)
3. Tonight (Dub Sangria)
4. Keep A Knockin’ (Man UTD CD Single)
5. Surrender (Radio Mix)
6. A Nation Of Haircuts (Club Cut)
7. London Town – C’Mon Down (Single Mix)
8. Surrender (Live at Cyberbarn)
9. No More Fun (Live at Cyberbarn)
10. Tonight (Live at Cyberbarn)
11. One Night Stand
12. Woman You’re So Beautiful Felix + Arty (Main Mix)
13. Woman You’re So Beautiful Felix + Arty (Mad Mix)
14. Woman You’re So Beautiful Felix + Arty (Dance Hall Mix)
15. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (Single Version)
16. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (Almost Completely Nude Mix)
17. Dear Mr. Murdoch (2011 Version)

CD 11:The Cross Singles 1

1. Cowboys And Indians (7″ Single Edit)
2. Love Lies Bleeding (She’s A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (Single Remix)
3. Feel The Force
4. Shove It (Extended Mix)
5. Shove It (Metropolix)
6. Shove It (Denniz Pop Remix)
7. Heaven For Everyone (7″ Version) (Roger Taylor Vocal)
8. Heaven for Everyone (7″ Version) (Freddie Mercury Vocal)
9. Manipulator (Extended Version)
10. Manipulator (Single Version)
11. Power To Love (Extended Version)
12. Power To Love (Single Version)
13. In Charge Of My Heart (7″ Single Version)
14. Liar (12″ Mix)
15. IN Charge Of My Heart (12″ Single Version)
16. Liar (7″ Version)

CD 12: The Cross Singles 2
1. New Dark Ages (7″ Single Version)
2. Ain’t Put Nothin’ Down (Long Version)
3. Man On Fire (Live)
4. Life Changes (7″ Single Version)
5. Heartland
6. Celebration (Jam Studios Session)*
7. I Can Take You Higher (Jam Studios Session)*
8. I Can’t Get You Outta My Head (Jam Studios Session)*
9. Passion For Trash (Jam Studios Session)*
10. Top Of The World, Ma Extended Remix)*
11. Shove It (U.S. Single Version)

* Previously Unissued

The Lot DVD

Roger Taylor Solo:

1. Strange Frontier
2. Man On Fire
3. Happiness
4. Foreign Sand
5. Surrender
6. Nazis 1994
7. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)
8. Dear Mr. Murdoch

9. Old Friends – Gospel Festival 1994
10. Man On Fire – Truro City Hall 1994
11. Happiness – Truro City Hall 1994
12. Everybody Hurts Sometime – Truro City Hall 1994

The Cross:

13. Cowboys And Indians
14. Cowboys And Indians – 2 Drummers
15. Shove It
16. Heaven For Everyone
17. Power To Love
18. Liar
19. New Dark Ages
20. Blue Rock – EPK

Interviews & Electronic Press Kits:

21. Happiness? – EPK
22. Electric Fire – EPK
23. Interview For Parlophone

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