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U2, Toby Keith among 2013 Top 10 richest male singers

U2, Toby Keith, Jay Z, AC/DC and Justin Timberlake are among the top ten wealthiest male singers in 2013, according to a list comprised by U2 tops the list with over $311 million from gross earnings last year while Justin Timberlake rounds out the list at number ten with $40 million.

The site seems to have comprised by the list by adding up the millions of dollars each artist has earned from their most sold platinum albums and sold out concert treks in recent years, most notably in 2012.

Here is the list:

10. Justin Timberlake
9. Jonas Brothers
8. Toby Keith
7. Rascal Flatts
6. Kenny Chesney
5. Cold Play
4. Bruce Springsteen
3. Jay Z
2. AC/DC
1. U2

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