Projects that take years usually means an artist worked on material, put it in the back burner then came back to it to complete it or to repeat the cycle until that project has been finely tuned. Kevin Price spent 14 years straight working on his latest album, Unrisen Upon Oblivion , a six track industrial/Goth metal collection that gives listeners a taste of the evolution of the genres from the last days of the 20th century, to the decade and a half of the new century.

Admittedly, this blend of dark metal, the kind you would hear in the background of gory blood and guts horror films, is lost on this reviewer. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy listening to the music; it’s just that unless one is a diehard I don’t believe this album was really made for the masses. And there’s nothing wrong with making music just for your core listeners who will likely marvel at the sweet production, the layer upon layer of sound, and be astounded to find out these multi-instrumental tracks were virtually accomplish by one person, Price himself (with drumming provided by Kevin Talley).

The tracks are arranged so that it appears to be an endless run of speed guitars, and screeching vocals. Overall the production is first rate which is what you hope to expect after 14 years working on the music. Unrisen Upon Oblivion won’t be everyone’s bag but for the objective music listener, you will find a lot of good in this album.