Vinyl Me, Please releasing comprehensive Miles Davis box set

Miles Davis: The Electric Years collects seven albums from genre-bending artist

Vinyl Me, Please (VMP), the Miles Davis Estate, Legacy Recordings, have announced the 17th entry in VMP’s Grammy-nominated Anthology series, Miles Davis: The Electric Years. Collecting seven albums from one of the most fertile, daring eras of Miles Davis’ career, The Electric Years is meant to preserve these albums on vinyl for a new generation of people ready to have their minds blown by Miles’ blending of electronic, rock, jazz, and everything else he felt like experimenting with.

The seven albums — In a Silent Way, Bitches Brew, A Tribute to Jack Johnson, Live-Evil, On The Corner, Big Fun, and Get Up With It — have all been mastered AAA from 1-to-1 tape transfers of the master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. With Grammy award-winning Steve Berkowitz supervising and consulting, the 11 LPs featured in the box come on 180-gram black vinyl pressed at GZ, and will be limited in the first edition to 2,000 units. These albums have not been reissued AAA in many years and, in some cases, ever.

Starting in 1969 and ending in 1974, this box tells the story of a fertile period in Miles’ career, the third or fourth time he blew up the rules of jazz and made it again in his own image. Endlessly influential, these albums impacted basically every genre of music to follow in their wake. You can learn the story of these albums via an extensive Listening Notes booklet written by jazz historian and critic Ben Ratliff.

“Doing a box dedicated to Miles Davis has been a goal and dream for us since we started VMP Anthology in 2019,” states Electric Years executive producer and VMP Director of Music, Andrew Winistorfer. “It took us a while to decide on how to narrow it down. Miles has something like four or five different eras you could put into a box like this. But the electric period is one of his least explored. The big titles get all the attention, and we thought there was a way to show people how groundbreaking and incredible this time in Miles’ career was by doing all of his studio albums of this period. What emerges is a picture of an artist in his third professional decade, refusing to rest on his laurels and inventing a new future in real time.”

The Electric Years is available now on Vinyl Me, Please’s website with it expected to ship this fall.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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