Voices of Terror makes debut with ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty’

The members of Voices of Terror, Mike Walker and Zero, may be late to the rap/rock game but that doesn’t mean they haven’t produced a slammin’ debut album. Rock-Rap Dynasty may not be a game changer but it does stand out in an era where rap is re-defining itself. Voices of Terror have no problem defining who they are—a rap duo that combines thunderous electronic melodies, hard rock, and rhymes that are poetic, fierce and in your face.

Upon the opening of the first couple of bars on “Warning,” you know Rock-Rap Dynasty won’t be like any other rap album you hear this year. In fact, you don’t even think you’re listening to a rap album since this album is more rock than rap, the exception being Mike Walker’s machine gun rap style. His vocals along with the album’s heavy rock sound sync up very nicely with rhymes that conjure Walker’s obvious influences of Nas and Chuck D. While listening to the album in its entirety, you may begin to feel all the tracks start sounding the same but that only means you aren’t paying attention, for each track is unique. The only thing each track has in common is the energy level that remains on high throughout this epic debut.

If folks today want more pop with their hip-hop, Rock-Rap Dynasty may be too much for them to handle. But for diehard rap fans that want a taste of the modern with an old school spirit, this album will kick your ass for sure!


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.