Walker County announces major label debut EP

Empowering new track “Mirror Mirror” available now

In 2014, sisters Ivy and Sophie, then teenagers, signed a major label record deal with Warner Music Nashville as duo Walker County. From heartbreaks to true loves and county fairs to The Kelly Clarkson Show, fans around the world have followed as their sound and their spirits have evolved over the better part of a decade. At long last, the women of Walker County are stepping out and releasing their first EP, No Smoke and Mirrors, on February 10th.

Walker County released the first of the project’s five cuts, “You and Jesus” with Greylan James, in the fall . On Friday, they shared their new track, “Mirror Mirror,” and its official music video. Ivy and Sophie penned the empowering ballad alongside Autumn McEntire and Jennifer Schott. The music video finds the sisters embracing their natural beauty.

“It’s so important to us to be good examples for the next generation,” Sophie shares on Instagram. “Even though we love getting glam and wearing fun makeup looks, we realize that in today’s world there is an immense pressure on women and young girls. Our society’s beauty standards are impossible to keep up with, and we never want to contribute to that. We believe that each and every one of us are divinely created. YOU are beautiful and you are one of a kind. We hope anyone who watches this video, man or woman, knows that this is true. Please be kind to yourself, you are the only you there is, and you are loved just the way you are!”

Sophie’s hard-driving rhythms on the drums and Ivy’s strutting, soulful vocals create a unique blend of country music that was inspired by the sounds of middle America they grew up on. Their blood-thick harmonies and inimitable verve continue to shine underneath maturing lyricism. The CMT Listen Up and Next Women of Country artists are practiced road warriors, opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Martina McBride, Old Dominion and more. They’ve already earned millions of streams with fan-favorite tracks such as “Bits & Pieces” and “Drag It Out.”

1. Stoned
2. Mirror Mirror
3. Between Boyfriends
4. Yours Tonight
5. You and Jesus

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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