What Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ means to new hip hop generation

We can’t deny being caught up in the Certified Lover Boy or Donda album frenzy. Kanye West and Drake are undoubtedly the biggest names in the hip hop industry. However, Drake has the edge over Grammy Award-Winning Kanye West.

Certified Lover Boy sets a different tone in the hip hop industry. When it comes to numbers, no other star can stand in front of Drake. The release of the album broke Spotify records for most albums streamed and became the rapper’s 10th album to debut at No. 1.

The conversation has always been Drake or Kendrick Lamar. Many hip hop heads would turn down Drake in their top five rappers list. We get it! The album is way too inclusive for more eclectic tastes. Also, it does not have many hip hop tracks to make it a BluePrint or Illmatic.

Read below on our takes when it comes to the Certified Lover Boy album.

Is Drake the New Michael Jackson?

It might seem a bit far-fetched, but we have been getting doses of the pop culture influence for over a decade. For a long time, hip hop has been a curtain-closed genre with few artists ready to venture out and bring in new elements.

However, Drake has never been shy to go the extra mile to appease his wider audience. The album presents a pure display of craftsmanship with a deep commercial success in stores. There is no questioning Drake’s ability to make hits.

If you still don’t believe hip hop hasn’t changed over the decade, listen to this album. We highly suggest taking the Donda route if you want to venture into new and upcoming features.

Numbers Over Numbers

Who is the best rapper alive? This is the most debated question in hip hop today. Many dimensions go into it. Some might argue in terms of lyricism, Kendrick and J. Cole own the crown. Due to the longevity, others might give other big cats such as Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Nas, or Eminem.

However, when the conversation and dynamics turn to numbers, the game changes. Drake is undoubtedly the greatest artist of this generation in terms of numbers. The album release broke Spotify’s record of the most-streamed album in a day.

New Songs, Old Wave

Over the years, one major criticism for Drake has been sticking to his comfort zone when it comes to his releases. Certified Lover Boy could have been a solid rap album, but Drake threw in some smooth R&B and singing.

However, there are no misses when it comes to the album. Drake threw the dice and took a risk, and ti seemed to have paid off. You can do the same by playing games at spincasino.com.

There are no risks taken into experimenting with new sounds. It is the same “Take Care” Drake that we all got used to. Furthermore, Drake keeps to the same flow without attempting any new style.

Drake is undoubtedly going down as the greatest artist of this decade. Certified Lover Boy album is a premonition of what to expect in the future for hip hop. We will have to ride the wave to see where it takes us.

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