What kind of music do casinos play?

We all know casinos as entertaining places, but we rarely think about music as one of their crucial segments. Have you ever wondered how and why gambling outlets choose a specific type of music?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to analyze traditional casinos and the best gambling sites to discover their musical preferences. We will also explain the impact of music on human behavior, so you’ll get a clear idea of how critical it is to pick the right compositions.

We have a long way to go here, so get ready to learn all there is to know about casino music!

How does music influence human emotions?

To answer the most important question about music in casinos, we have to ask ourselves – how does music influence human emotion? The truth is that psychology has a lot of evidence on the subject.

For example, when scientists conducted an experiment with bank workers whose job is to process financial transactions, they discovered that classical music improves performance. People tend to do their tasks more carefully and efficiently if they listen to classical songs.

Another experiment, conducted at a supermarket, has proven that playing relaxing music slows down customers’ pace of shopping. The bottom line is that music influences the following aspects:

  • Our mood: Happy songs make people happy, sad tunes make us sad.
  • Our performance: Classical music definitely helps with memorizing new information, while relaxing songs affect our pace of work.
  • Our behavior: Some songs make us more focused, others slow us down, while some tunes make us behave more aggressively.

Casinos understand the powerful effect of appropriate soundtracks and try to utilize them as well as possible. While the vast majority of gambling outlets stick to traditional, classic tunes that reflect their “serious” nature, there are some places that prefer upbeat music.

Popular music genres in casinos

The first and most important point is that every casino has a different strategy. That means they might choose to play specific music or keep it quiet, depending on what they offer and who their target audience is. But there’s one thing all casinos have in common: They want to attract more people.

However, we noticed that 20 Bet Casino and other high-performing outlets usually stick to several types of music. Let’s check them out here:

1. Classical music

One of the most traditional options is to have classical songs playing in the background. We are not talking about operas or other lengthy compositions, but well-known classical songs are always welcome in gambling outlets.

2. Soft pop music

Did you know that casinos play soft pop songs? Well, they really do. Soft pop songs are not too loud and they don’t include any risky language or controversial topics. This type of music appears to be a safe pick for gambling places. It not only entertains people but also helps them relax and focus on gambling.

3. Jazzy tunes

If you are a fan of jazz music, you’ll be glad to hear it’s also one of the most popular genres in casinos. However, this is not your average jazz – gambling venues usually choose instrumental tunes or just carefully pick their favorite songs and performers. That’s because jazz music is relaxing and it can help people focus on their tasks.

4. Electronic dance music

This type of music is not as popular as the rest, but there are still some casinos that choose to play electronic tunes. They might be considered risky because they are often unpredictable, but electronic songs are mostly upbeat and energetic – which creates a perfect atmosphere for spending more money in a casino

5. Rock music

Casinos don’t get too wild; they generally stick to safe genres. However, rock music is not uncommon in gambling outlets. It does make sense for casinos since rock songs are often upbeat and energetic. This type of music is ideal for traditionalists who enjoy evergreen tunes.

Main effects of casino music

How do casino music impact gamblers and the overall ambiance? It’s an important question that we have to answer in order to understand this whole concept. We identified three critical effects of music in casinos.

  • It creates a laid-back environment

When you play in a casino, you often feel like you are getting the opportunity to see the world from above. The hustle and bustle of everyday life suddenly seem far away. That way, people can run away from their usual everyday thoughts.

This laid-back environment is perfect for gambling as you get to forget about the worries of the world and focus on your game only. The atmosphere in casinos is generally quite relaxed, so it’s not surprising that people are less stressed when they play there.

  • Music creates a unique experience

Another thing we discovered is that specific types of music create specific experiences. Actually, each genre has its unique vibe. For example, if you set the right tone with classical music, it’ll create a classy atmosphere that makes gambling feel like an exciting adventure.

Soft pop songs are great for creating comfortable tunes that give visitors an opportunity to ease into their games. Jazz is good for creating that special feeling of luck that you might get in casinos. Electronic dance music is perfect for people who are ready to party all night long or want to maximize stakes. Each genre has its own benefits for a casino.

  • Music entertains people

Music is also a great way to keep people entertained. Casinos can use music as an additional tool for spicing up things and creating more memorable moments. After all, it’s hard not to feel like you’re having fun when some of your favorite songs come on and you start dancing.

  • It makes gamblers forget about time

Last but not least, music is an excellent distraction. It does a pretty good job at taking gamblers’ minds away from their daily lives and making them enjoy the moment even more. As a gambler, you probably know that time seems to run much faster in a casino.

This happens with all the players out there. Music is a great tool for drowning out time – something that helps you feel like you are in a whole different world when you play there. In short, it’s clear that music plays an important role when it comes to making gambling seem more enticing.

The sound and light effects

As you probably know already, casinos use both sound and light effects to create the right atmosphere for players. Some casinos offer gambling machines that play melodies when gamblers win a prize, while others only display the necessary information (like their logos).

The color scheme of such places is also carefully selected so it can create a certain kind of foreboding or daring mood. The color red, for example, is often used in casinos since it creates an atmosphere that’s perfect for risk-taking and spontaneity.

On the other hand, purple shades make gamblers feel unique because it’s the color of royalty. It makes them feel like they are part of something special and incredible when they gamble in such places.

How to choose the best music for your casino

If you are about to launch a brand new casino, music selection is probably one of your main concerns. You can use the following tips to pick the finest melodies for your gambling outlet.

1. Analyze your target audience

First of all, you have to decide who will actually visit your place. Gambling is a popular pastime for older people as it helps them feel young, but younger folks are also interested in games. Needless to say, all generations demand different approaches.

Age isn’t the only factor that matters, though. You also need to consider your target audience’s financial situation and living conditions when choosing the right soundtracks. For example, you can’t play hard rock to older ladies if they just want to relax and have a good time.

2. Experiment with different genres

Once you have a better idea of your target audience, it’s time to experiment with various genres. For instance, there’s no need to hire an expensive DJ at first when you can just play online radio stations that host millions of songs.

If you know that the target audience will enjoy easier tunes, try experimenting with jazz, soul, and soft rock. On the other hand, if your players are youngsters who enjoy harder songs, try to test some beats that they might like and play them in your place.

3. Change the pace when needed

Finally, don’t be afraid to change the pace when necessary. Keep in mind that you need to adapt to your players’ preferences and changes in moods, so expect some flexibility when it comes to choosing songs for your casino. When should you change the rhythm?

For example, you can switch from slow to dramatic music during a high-stakes game of poker. In this case, songs with a slow tempo will keep people relaxed, while dramatic songs will amp up their adrenaline. You can create a similar effect by popping in some more energetic compositions when players are low on funds to raise their spirits.

The bottom line

We know you are wondering about the music casinos play to entertain guests, but the answer is not as easy you might think. In fact, there are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right songs for your casino.

You have to take into account what type of gamblers will visit your place and also their age and financial situation when selecting tunes. Once you know more about your target audience it’s time to start experimenting with various genres until you find something they enjoy.

It will probably take some time and a “trial and error” approach, but you will figure it out very soon. After that, it is all about keeping your audience upbeat and willing to spend more!

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