If you’re a music lover, then you’ll already know that putting some of your favorite tunes on in the background can make the hours fly by, no matter what you’re doing. Music is a great motivator; it lifts our mood, and it can either calm us down or get the adrenalin pumping. The secret is to match the right kind of music to the job at hand – though first and foremost, you should make sure that it’s music you like.

There’s a pervasive belief that listening to classical music helps you to study and do creative work, by stimulating your IQ and imagination. Unfortunately, this theory, known as the Mozart effect, has largely been debunked. However, it’s true that music of almost any kind can help some people to focus, concentrate and get things done.

Happy music for happy people

The music that we like makes us happy and helps to starve off boredom when undertaking dull, unwelcome or repetitive tasks. It can help to drown out other noises in our environment that may be annoying or distracting, particularly when we listen through headphones.

For more demanding work, some studies suggest that background music can improve your performance, while others say that it acts as a distraction. It really comes down to your personal preference, though be aware that enjoying listening to music while you work doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s making you more productive!

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The best music for studying

If you’re trying to read and understand or even memorize the words you’re reading, the main thing is that the music you have playing in the background shouldn’t have lyrics. True, some people are able to tune out what a singer or rapper is saying, and some forms of music, such as shoegaze, treat the voice as just another instrument, keeping it low in the mix and not privileging being able to hear what the vocalist is saying.

As a general rule though, this is where classical music comes into its own. Bach, Beethoven or Mozart are great for listening to while studying. If this isn’t your bag, try ambient music by the likes of Brian Eno or Tangerine Dream. Somewhere between the two are the minimalist compositions of Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Philip Glass or Terry Riley.

The best music for doing housework and exercise

Boring but necessary jobs such as housework can be made much more fun by the addition of the right soundtrack. High-energy music such as techno, drum and bass, or heavy metal can all be used to motivate you and get your adrenalin levels up. This can also be great music for working out: why not try a spot of rave aerobics or go for a run while listening to Motörhead?

The best music for DIY

It may seem as though high-energy music would also be good to have in the background while you’re putting up shelves, painting the lounge or unblocking a sink, but exercise caution here. If the music is really pumping, it could encourage you to become careless and rush through jobs that require delicacy and attention to detail.

In this case, something a bit more middle of the road is called for: tunes that will keep you feeling happy and upbeat while also allowing you to concentrate and take your time when needed. Look to your favorite pop music, classic melodic rock or old-school hip hop. If you like dance music, think disco or R&B, rather than EDM or dubstep.

The best music for going for a walk

Going for a walk should be a pleasure, and this is a time when you can listen to the music you love, regardless of genre. It can also be as wordy as you like, as you’re free to tune into what is being said as deeply as you want. Just take care when crossing the road!

If you want to narrow it down, however, why not try to match your music to the place you’re exploring? Gentle folk rock can be good for countryside and nature walks, or if you’re in a new area, why not listen to an artist local to that town and city? This can enhance your appreciation of both the location and the artist in question.

The main thing is to listen to music you enjoy without being too distracted. Experiment and see what works – you can always change the playlist, or turn it off altogether.