What’s the story behind online slot music?

Music in slot games goes back a long way, and some of the first were seen back in 1957, and it has been providing an extra dimension of fun and excitement to players since then. It is no wonder that the tradition of music-themed slots and specialized audio soundtracks has spilt over and continued in the online slot scene with outstanding success. Music in slots is not just placed at random. The tempo, genre and style are carefully considered as it has a direct influence on the player’s mood and subconscious mind.

Is There Science Behind Music in Online Slots?

In short, yes. Music plays a very important role in slot games. Not only is the music tailored to the theme of the slot game, making for a much better and more enjoyable gaming experience, but it can also dictate the mood or behavior of the player. We, as humans, are easily affected by music subconsciously, and this can show in the type of bets or even the amount of risk we take on, making it very important for the creators of the game.

Let’s use some of the best online slots in the UK as an example. 9 Pots of Gold, Big Bass Splash, Gold Cash Big Spin, and Genie Nights are all high-ranking slots with music to match each theme. When you play 9 Pots of Gold by Microgaming you immediately hear an up-tempo beat followed by a traditionally Irish jig that subconsciously locks the player in to tap the spin button at the same or similar pace as the soundtrack.

Whilst music is often used to keep players in a relaxed and calm state so they can enjoy their games for hours on end, some slot games use more upbeat music to stimulate the player’s mind to produce more adrenaline and dopamine, causing an elevated heart rate and the player to make bolder decisions when taking bets.

The Trick of Using Familiarity to Encourage Engagement

In order to increase engagement, music from hit TV shows and movies is used so players can be more enthusiastic as the music will feel familiar. Many popular online slot games are based on hit TV shows and movies, and they all feature music derived from the original media it’s based on.

Some of the most popular TV show-based slots include Narcos, Peaky Blinders, Vikings, and CSI. While movie-based slots games that are very popular include Batman Begins, Gladiator, Terminator 2, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

By using music that is already popular and known, it’s easier to keep players engaged and excited by making the brain believe they are taking part in the story and tricks the brain into feeling nostalgic.

Final Thoughts

Music will always be popular in the online gambling entertainment industry, and online slot games have definitely made the most of this in various ways. One thing is clear, music plays an essential role in slot games for everyone involved. Players can enjoy a better gaming experience whilst the developers can play on the emotions and experiences of the gamers

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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