Which celebrities have the best guitar collections?

Anyone who wants to become a musician knows just how expensive it can be. Most musical instruments are expensive, and you may need to buy a lot of gear to go with them. This is especially true for guitars.

If you have multiple guitars, they are surely precious possessions. You likely have a space just for them, as well as musical instrument insurance in case they’re stolen or destroyed. They are supposed to be part of your life for decades to come.

But for celebrities, having one or two guitars is just not enough. There are those who have massive guitar collections, and not all of them are actually musicians. Here are some of the celebrities with the best (and most expensive) guitar collections.

Kiefer Sutherland

For a few years not so long ago, Kiefer Sutherland was one of the biggest celebrities in the world. As the lead actor in the series 24, he shot to prominence as a true action star, although he was already many years into his career. These days, Sutherland’s name is on few peoples’ lips, and there are likely many Gen Zers who don’t know who he is.

One thing that still makes him stand out is his passion for guitar music. Not only has he created his own record label, he also owns a ton of guitars. Specifically, he has 50 vintage Gibsons, along with a handful of other guitars. Gibson has even gone so far as to make a guitar in his honor.

Tom Morello

While Kiefer Sutherland collects vintage guitars, Tom Morello creates his own. The guitar virtuoso of Rage Against The Machine (which just canceled its European tour) and Soundgarden fame has dozens of guitars in his collection. These are mostly guitars that he has had custom-built or has customized himself. The sounds he manages to draw from guitars have made him truly unique. They’re not sounds you’ll get from a guitar at Guitar Center.

Tom Morello is still going strong with a flourishing solo career. This is mostly due to his endlessly interesting and intricate guitar work.

Andrew Watt

You may not have heard the name Andrew Watt, but you have definitely heard his music. He has produced songs for some of the biggest artists of the current generation, including artists as diverse as Ozzy Osbourne, DJ Snake, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Dua Lipa. The full list is a lot longer.

But as many producing credits as he has to his name, he may have more guitars. In a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post questioning whether he has an addiction, Miley Cyrus lay across some of the many guitars in Watt’s possession.

John Mayer

Having made a name for himself with guitar-based ballads, John Mayer unsurprisingly has a few guitars to his name. The number, however, is astonishing. Mayer is said to have over 200 guitars in his collection. He apparently brings about 40 guitars with him on tour, in order to have as many options as possible.

When you’re making music with a guitar as the basis, it is worthwhile to have options. We’re not totally sure how one would ever need more than twenty at a time, though.

Rick Nielsen

A lesser-known name in the current zeitgeist, Rick Nielsen played guitar in the band Cheap Trick. In more recent years, he has become known for his epic guitar collection, which apparently numbers over 400 guitars! The collection includes rarities as well as guitars he has customized himself.

In 2015, in order to make room for more guitars, he auctioned a few of his prize possessions off, selling many for prices in the four or five digits. It is clear that Nielsen is passionate about guitars, even if he’s not at the forefront of rock any longer.

Building a massive guitar collection may seem unnecessary to most people, but celebrities who have the money don’t seem to care. The above are some of the most impressive collections in the world.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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