Which countries have had the best performing Eurovision songs?

The Eurovision Song Contest has been hitting our screens for over 65 years, but in that time less than 30 countries have been crowned the winner. With some winning countries taking home the prize once and some winners being able to boast first place an impressive seven times Betway recently looked at some interesting Eurovision stats, but which countries have had the best performing Eurovision songs?


Many don’t realise it, but Ireland have won the Eurovision Song Contest an impressive 7 times! They have had various successful entries including Johnny Logan who to date has been the only person to win the competition twice. Logan clearly has the right touch when it comes to Eurovision, as he also wrote the winning song for Linda Martin in 1992. This kick-started a winning streak for Ireland where they were winners for a record-breaking three years.


Ireland might have hit the record books with their 7 contest wins but Sweden isn’t far behind with 6 successful years under their belt. However, as well as Sweden has done it is their 1974 entry with Abba singing ‘Waterloo’ that is probably their standout performance. That said, Loreen also deserves a mention – her 2021 entry ‘Euphoria’ scored an impressive 372 points – the second-highest score in the contest to date.

United Kingdom

2022 aside the UK generally gets a bad name when it comes to modern-day Eurovision entries, but in the past, they really have done well. There are some songs that started their life in Eurovision that are considered classics and still loved to this date including the 1981 ‘Making Your Mind Up’ entry by Bucks Fizz. Although the record has been smashed since, in 1997 (the last time the UK won the contest) Katrina and the Waves scored 227 points; the highest at the time.


As Italy were one of the founding countries of the competition back in 1956 it is no surprise that they bring their all to the completion. Although they only have two wins under their belt, they have also racked up some impressive scores along the way. They last won the competition in 1990 with Toto Cutugno’s “Insieme: 1992, an Italian language song that is still liked by Italia audiences today. They took a break from the contest for a number of years, but since returning in 2011 they have been in the top 3 and the top 10 a number of times.


Russia may not be a country you expect to see in the Eurovision Song Contest and they only made their debut in 1994 but they have done well! They may have won the contest once, but they have also finished in the top 3, four times since 2000 – quite an impressive statistic. They won in 2008 with ‘Believe’ by Dima Bilan, which is a song still proving popular to this day with Russian pop music fans.

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