Why classical music is important to dogs

Classical music has been shown to produce calming effects in dogs. Although not a recent discovery, some statistical understanding of this effect has been recently presented within the results of research carried out by Betway online casino in their Dog Relaxation Experiment. The Betway team organized research on the subject conducted with the aid of a dog fitness tracker. The tracker was used to give an hourly report on the dog’s current state of relaxation. When exposed to different styles of music, the results were noted for comparison. One of the most effective styles of music in calming your dog was shown to be classical music, although folk and jazz music were also effective, it seems that classical music has been adopted as a style that works well in pacifying your pooch.

Why Classical Music?

Although the Betway experiment cannot deliver reasons for our furry friend’s tastes in music, it can be seen that the styles of music most palatable for our dog’s tastes are jazz, folk and classical. Heavy metal music did not fare so well, it is possible that softer styles of music, those presented with a slower tempo and calmer delivery, are simply more in tune with our dog’s needs. As owners, when our dogs misbehave, we tend to raise our voices and speak very quickly to our dogs. Of course, we mean this to disturb our dog’s train of thought from what it shouldn’t be doing to listening to our commands. When the music we listen to contains loud and abrasive lyrics it’s quite possible our dogs interpret it as they have been conditioned to by our own efforts in their training and feel they are in trouble. Classical music tends to not have lyrics and our dogs can relax to the slower rhythm it offers without feeling they need to be alert for human commands. Certainly, jazz and folk music that also did well during the experiment leans towards softer vocals and this may be a reason they also fared so well.

Reap The Benefits

Of course, knowing classical music helps our dogs to relax can be implemented in our daily lives to improve the experience for our favorite pets.

We have already touched upon classical music’s’ ability to calm our dogs in our absence, but there are situations where we are with our dogs and we need them to remain calm. One of the most important times for our dogs to be relaxed and self-sufficient is when we are driving with them in the car. Often a car journey can be a challenge for our dogs; we are likely to assign them to the back seat of the car. Unable to see our faces and in a constantly changing situation where they can be stationary one moment, only to be accelerated quickly, or thrown to the side during a corner without notice, can cause our dogs distress. Classical music can be a godsend in these situations; reducing a dog’s background anxiety levels and helping them remain relaxed in a potentially stressful car journey.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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