Why is Linkin Park so influential & popular?

People like different genres of music, and each genre has its devoted followers. Each genre has bright representatives who are associated with it and are absolute superstars. When we talk about nu-metal, we guess Linkin Park is that very band that occurs to the mind when you hear of this musical direction. This band consists of living legends, and we suppose they became legendary when they released their first two albums.

None of the participants had reached the age of 25 when the first album, called Hybrid Theory — which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020 with an expanded Super Deluxe Edition — rocked the whole world and changed the perception of nu metal. Why was that and the following album that popular? How did the band earn its glory, fame, respect, and recognition? Why is it so influential even today? We’ll try to dig deeper into the matter to figure it out.

The Beginning

The first seeds that were destined to become the rap-rock sensation known as Linkin Park were sown in Southern California in 1996. Three high school friends — drummer Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, and vocalist Mike Shinoda — decided to create a band. It is still popular among teenagers to spend their free time playing music or casino like Yukon Casino login after school.

Afterward, bassist Dave Farrell and turntablist Joe Hahn joined the guys. The first vocalist didn’t suit the band entirely. They had to wait until the year 1999 to come, when “their” vocalist came. His name was Chester Bennington. Thanks to his unique vocals, the band finally found its direction and “voice.”

Instant Superstars

The release of the first album took place in 2000 and was called Hybrid Theory. Although nu metal already existed for some time and had exciting representatives, Linkin Park offered listeners something new, specific, unforgettable, and unquestionably “powerful.” Hybrid Theory surpassed 11 million in sales in the USA alone and became glorious instantly with its melting pot of heavy alternative rock, hip hop and electronic flourishes that was instrumental in creating a new genre of music. The following album, Meteora, contributed to the fame of the boys and made them even more legendary.

What Are the Reasons?

Although the band released four other albums, the first two made their “names” and remain associated with a new evolution of nu metal until now. One may compare it with the appearance of Star Wars in cinematography. What are the reasons?

First, the voices of the band are unrepeatable. Shinoda’s rapping gave the band a catchy atmosphere. In the meanwhile, Bennington’s singing and screaming added incredible power and energy. All recognize his vocals instantly. The energy band revealed during its concerts left unforgettable memories.

Second, the lyrics of songs were not dumb and boring. They focused, and always do so, on things that really matter. These are feeling misunderstood, rebelling, rejecting stereotypes, and trying to connect with other people and with oneself. The following albums showed that the boys turned into real men. The music changed, and the lyrics were different but still factual and essential for all times. New songs revealed various aspects of the band. People, who listen to their songs, can find a lot about themselves. That’s why Linkin Park is so popular and influential.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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