Why music makes social casino gaming sessions better

Few things transcend cultures and history the way that music does. From the earliest remnants of recorded history to the current day, music plays an important role in much of the world – so important, in fact, that it’s notable when populations don’t allow music to be part of their daily lives.

Why is the art form such an important one that has persisted for thousands of years? The answer is simple: music makes us feel good. Whether it is tied to old memories or simply played in the background, music has the potential to significantly improve your day. When you pair music with your favorite casino game, another beloved, though perhaps not as time-honored, activity, you get the ultimate relaxing experience.

Does music actually make the social casino gaming experience better? Let’s take a look at how music affects us and why it might be the perfect companion to your next gaming session.

Does music really affect us?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, music has been proven to lower anxiety, pain levels and blood pressure. It can also positively affect the quality of one’s sleep, mood, memory recall, and even overall mental alertness. The exact mechanism behind the way that we hear and interpret music has yet to be concretely established, but we know that it boosts brain activity and cognitive function.

Here are some of the benefits of listening to music.

Lower stress

There is much research into the way that music affects stress. It has consistently been found to reduce plasma cortisol levels. One study found that music was more powerful than the stress-relieving results from oral medication. Another found that premature babies responded to music as they recovered, with their parents’ voices triggering the strongest response. Similarly, the parents who sang also experienced a significant drop in stress. Music has the power to heal and calm a variety of ills.

Lower pain levels

Music has also consistently been found to reduce pain levels. This benefit is significant enough that one study indicated that patients who listened to music after surgery required less morphine to cope with pain than those who didn’t. Another study found that patients who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and listened to music at least once a day for four weeks experienced a significant amount of pain reduction in addition to fewer depressive symptoms. The implications of this are probably clear: music has the potential to not only boost our mental capacity and mood but also to actually lower physical pain.

Improved memory function

Yet another benefit that music has on our health is improved memory function. One experiment found that stroke patients assigned to listen to music every day while recovering made markedly better progress than those who didn’t. This benefit was recorded both three and six months after the stroke. Patients were also less confused and depressed than the control group.

Can music make social casino gaming better?

Given the positive impact that music can have on our mental health and cognitive function, you might wonder if music can make gaming more enjoyable. While there is little research dedicated to this topic, we think that it is fair to say ‘yes’. Music can make activities more enjoyable, and there is no reason to believe that playing at a social casino is an exception. After all, there is a reason why many games include their own soundtracks.

If you enjoy playing free slots, you’re likely aware of how common music is to titles from almost every well-known developer in the market. This is because slots with music are simply more appealing than those without. When you have the opportunity to relax and play your favorite games, what kind of game do you want to play? For many players, the answer is a game with good artwork, enjoyable music and great bonus features. Software providers understand that music is an important part of the gaming experience – that’s why they include it in their titles.

More specifically, music can help you to relax while playing. If you are playing a game that requires memory recall, it can also help you to remember things. Keep in mind that music has been shown to improve memory function.

Overall, music can have a significant impact on your gaming session. Once you have picked out the perfect playlist to go along with your spins (assuming that you decide to listen to your own over in-game music), the only thing left to do is find a great social casino.

What is a social casino?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “social casino,” don’t worry — it’s a simple concept. Social casinos are ideal for social, or casual, players. This means that the experience is designed with the casual user in mind, rather than players who are determined to win large amounts of cash. In fact, social casinos don’t require money to play or win at all! Instead, users play with proprietary coins specific to the casino in question.

There are generally two types of coins at social casinos. The regular coins are given away for free and won while playing. Coins are usually replenished every day to make sure that you always have plenty to play with. Premium coins are used to play for bigger prizes and are usually bought with real money. It is important to note that you don’t have to buy them to play. Instead, they are solely for players who want access to optional features and prizes.

When you’re looking for a social casino, look for an established provider with a big game collection from popular developers and a good selection of payment methods if you decide to spend money to play.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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