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Willie Nelson announces new book

Willie Nelson’s Letters to America releasing this summer

Harper Horizon has acquired the exclusive rights to release and distribute the latest book from legend Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson’s Letters to America will arrive in stores on June 29th.

Written in collaboration with longtime friend and Texas Monthly contributing editor Turk Pipkin, Willie Nelson’s Letters to America is a collection of intimate letters reminding readers of the endless promise and continuous obligations of all Americans — to themselves, to one another, and to their nation — to stand with unity, resolve, and faith.

Delivered with the same humor and poetic phrasing millions have come to love, Nelson shares his thoughts on America’s past, present, and future, his closest family members, and his personal heroes, from the founding fathers to the leaders of future generations. The book also features Willie’s reflections on many of the classic lyrics that made him famous and loved by fans worldwide.

“We are witnessing a unique time in American history, between shifting cultural norms, political unrest, and the ongoing effects of the coronavirus, and it seems our nation is collectively reflecting on what it means to be an American,” says Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, publisher of Harper Horizon. “It seems only fitting that Willie Nelson, who has already so accurately defined the American spirit through his words and songs, now offer his thoughts on things we all hold dear: family, community, country, and faith. Harper Horizon is honored to carry Willie Nelson’s Letters to America to the nation.”

From his opening letter “Dear America” to his “Dear Road” epilogue, Nelson digs deep into his heart and soul — and his music catalog — to offer fans, new and old, what can best be described as a sneak peek into the mind of one of America’s most iconic figures.

The news comes as Nelson releases his second Frank Sinatra tribute album, That’s Life, on CD, LP and digital formats via Sony’s Legacy Recordings. Barnes & Noble is offering an exclusive marbled blue vinyl edition while exclusive merchandise bundles, including art prints, a jigsaw puzzle and more, are available at Nelson’s webstore.