Wynonna & The Big Noise set to release debut self-titled album Feb 2016

American music icon and five-time GRAMMY Award winner Wynonna Judd and her band The Big Noise have announced their debut self-titled album Wynonna & The Big Noise is set for release February 12, 2016 via Curb Records in digital and physical formats including vinyl. The details of the upcoming album–featuring special guests Derek Trucks, Jason Isbell, Susan Tedeschi and Timothy B Schmit–broke Friday (11/6) at RollingStone.com. The CD and vinyl are available now for pre-order at Amazon.

Wynonna and her band The Big Noise, led by her husband, producer/drummer Cactus Moser, recorded the majority of the album in the sanctity of their home studio located on the family farm in Tennessee. Wynonna has described the new album as “vintage yet modern” and a “return to the well.” It’s a rootsy work encompassing country, Americana, blues, soul and rock.

The process of recording Wynonna & The Big Noise with her band set her free artistically. “Like a garage band we all get in a room, basically knee to knee in a circle, and we jam until it feels amazing,” Wynonna shares. “By the time we push record we are already jacked up because we have practiced and practiced until we know we are rocking. The end result is even better than when we started out because we’re free to just play and enjoy ourselves.” She adds: “I have stripped myself of all the expectations of worrying about fitting into any format and just picked songs I love. This album is my favorite thing I’ve done so far.”

Cactus elaborates about the recording of the album. “It creates more energy, more excitement and definitely a more unique sound to have our actual band play. When you have session players you just play differently. There’s less emotional input, less freedom! These guys are with us 365 days a year and that was my goal…to have an actual living breathing band make a record, not just people who come in for the week and then are gone. Much better feel, much better vibe. AMEN.”


Track Listing:

  1. “Ain’t No Thing”–featuring Susan Tedeschi (Written by John Scott Sherrill, Chris Stapleton)
  2. “Cool Ya” (Written by Lisa Carver, Andrew Ripp)
  3. “Things I Lean On”–featuring Jason Isbell (Written by Travis Meadows, Daniel Sanders)
  4. “You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast”–featuring Cactus Moser (Written by Julie Miller)
  5. “Staying In Love” (Written by Rapheal Saadiq)
  6. “Keeps Me Alive”–featuring Derek Trucks (Written by Sarah Siskind)
  7. “Jesus And A Jukebox” (Written by Travis Meadows, Jeremy Spillman, David Tolliver)
  8. “I Can See Everything”–featuring Timothy B Schmit (Written by Timothy B. Schmit)
  9. “Something You Can’t Live Without” (Written by David Lee Murphy, Cactus Moser)
  10. “You Are So Beautiful” (Written by Ashley Warren, Cactus Moser)
  11. “Every Ending (Is A New Beginning)” (Written by Doug Johnson, Billy Montana, Wynonna, Cactus Moser)
  12. “Choose To Believe” (Written by Charlie White, Kevin Welch)

Author: Buddy Iahn

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