Allie Colleen releases ‘Only Oklahoma’

Track is featured on debut album

Allie Colleen has announced the release of a moving and emotional single, “Only Oklahoma,” the fifth single from her high demand debut album, Stones. The close to her heart lyrics were co-written by Matt McKinney and Allie Colleen. The new music was produced by Joe Costa and Ben Watts, engineered by Matt “Buster” Allen, mixed by Ben Watts and mastered by Alex Dobbert. “Only Oklahoma” is available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms.

“At some point in life, everyone makes a decision that changes life’s course. For me, I knew early on that choice was – as soon as I could, I was going to Nashville and chasing this dream. Most my friends were choosing local colleges or settling down. When Matt brought the title ‘Only Oklahoma’ to our writing session, I instantly thought about that alternate lifeline where I stayed close to home, got a nine to five job, settled down and started a family,” expresses the on the rise singer/songwriter. “Lord help me if I had to do that in any other place, such as Kentucky or Alabama or Ohio. If that life made sense to me, it would only, ONLY make sense in Oklahoma. Every artist has their home song, that song that carries them back to somewhere familiar when life seems crazy. ‘Only Oklahoma’ my home song.”

“It’s a special song in the sense that regardless of where you may call home, I think we’ve all at some point in our life had that longing to know where or who we would be in another life,” shares co-writer Matt McKinney. “I came in with the title ‘Only Oklahoma’ not knowing how relevant and special it would end up being to not just Allie but each listener”

“The first time I heard ‘Only Oklahoma’ it moved me so much. So many people who are out there chasing their dreams can relate to this song,” adds co-producer Joe Costa. “Allie’s vocal on this is so emotional and authentic, you can tell she feels every word with every fiber of who she is.”

“From the first time I heard the Demo recording of ‘Only Oklahoma,’ it grabbed my attention. I knew it’d be a stand-out track on a great record! It was a pleasure bringing this to life with my production partner Joe Costa,” adds co-producer Ben Watts. “Allie delivered this vocal with a soulful delivery from the bottom of her heart. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!”

Colleen is back on the road with dates scheduled through January 2022.

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