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Steven Tyler mixes flavors with ‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’

Steven Tyler - We're All Somebody From Somewhere

Steven Tyler has just released the third single off his forthcoming We’re All Somebody From Somewhere CD, due out July 15th on Big Machine’s Dot Records imprint. The title track, written by Tyler and Jaren Johnston, features a flurry of flavors from the Delta blues to pop country to a touch of 90’s Aerosmith.

The song opens with a big drum fill kicking off a loop of hand claps backed by well balanced acoustic stringed instruments including a mandolin. At first listen, it was turn off because I thought it sounded like the rest of the processed music that’s out there, but it quickly changes with the flavors Tyler mixes into the track. The horns give it a New Orleans feel with a solo section that mixes even more Cajun flavors as the horns trade off solos with a rock sounding guitar.

Lyrically, the first verse is twice as long as the second which throws it off balance for someone with OCD like me. I’m sure there’s enough Americana that could’ve filled another three lines for balance, but it still works. The lyrics name drop cities and cultures and bring everybody together. My least favorite parts are when the music suddenly drops and Tyler speaks a line before breaking into the chorus. It just feels awkward to me, but the rest of the song really works.

How will it fare at country radio? Who knows? Radio is such an iffy medium these days, some of the most poppy sounding songs cease to climb the charts as expected while some of the most country sounding tracks top them. The single is also being serviced to active rock, classic hits, classic rock and mainstream rock stations, as well, so it could have huge crossover appeal to Aerosmith fans. Parts of the song aren’t too far off from two of Aerosmith’s biggest hits, “Dude Looks Like A Lady” and “Janie’s Got A Gun.”

I give the song an eight out of ten and look forward to seeing what else Tyler has in store on his CD. “Love Is Your Name” was the first single released last summer and “Red White & You” was released earlier this year. Anticipation about Tyler’s first solo CD is gaining more traction as the album’s release date draws closer. Look for a complete album review as soon as I can get a copy.

The song is available now via iTunes and impacts radio on July 18th.

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Mileo grabs you with her sweet voice with ‘Ridiculous’ single

Reviewing singles can usually be more difficult than a full album since you don’t get to hear how it sounds compared to the rest of the album. Will have the same vibe, same recurring theme, or is the album full of tracks going all over the place.

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Boone makes splash with ‘Summer Girls’ country debut

While the summer is winding down this weekend, “Summer Girls” is making a splash in country music. The debut song from Daniel Epperson, known professionally as Boone who got his nickname from the comparison to Daniel Boone and his love of outdoors, was released to country radio in June, but is now starting to get some traction as its video has reached over 10,000 views in the month it’s been released.

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Radio needs to play to Ronnie Dunn’s “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas”

Country radio just hasn’t appealed to me lately with its focus of 18-25 year olds who like hip hop and pop infused country. Legends are heard few and far between on a format that’s dominated by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert. In fact, I can’t listen to the radio for more than an hour without hearing these and a few other newer artists repeated each hour! If radio would just listen to Ronnie Dunn’s new single, “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas,” and actually play it in hot rotation, then they’d regain my interest again.

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Steven Tyler makes country work with ‘Love Is Your Name’ debut

Steven Tyler may always be known as Aersomith’s frontman, but the 67-year-old is making a name for himself in country music with the release of his debut country solo single, “Love Is Your Name.” While I had my reservations about hearing the track, given Aerosmith’s recent recordings, I was also interested, but quite surprised at how refreshing it sounds for today’s country.

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The Unraveling mix electronica and metal for ‘Revolt’

The latest industrial metal band to enter into this realm, The Unraveling’s “Revolt” is a moody, symphonic blend of electronica and metal, with a musical tone one can only describe as dark bleak outlook. Perhaps its suppose to, as the song is loosely inspired by vocalist Steve Moore and instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville’s recent physical ailments. While not exactly fresh sounding, the track is a nice warm-up to their upcoming album, and if the tracks can keep up this pace then you’ll have yourself a well produced goth-inspired album with “Revolt” leading the charge.

Revolt Single Cover

Reba returns strongly with ‘Going Out Like That’

Reba returns strongly with “Going Out Like That,” her first single in more than three years. The country redhead released the track to iTunes late Monday night (Jan 5th), slightly ahead of its midnight ET scheduled release.

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The Cains Trio debut with ‘Be Yourself With Me’ (Song Review)

Taylor, Madison and Logan, better known as The Cains Trio, is a brother and sister trio hailing from the state of Alabama. Their first album, Stay On Board, will be released on October 28th, and their first single titled, “Be Yourself With Me,” was just released.

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J. Michael Harter releases ‘Holy Cowgirl’ single

Arizona native J. Michael Harter, former member of the brother sister trio, The Harters, is launching his career as a solo artist. “Holy Cowgirl” is the first single from his forthcoming EP titled Ride On which will be released On September 30th via GMV Nashville/Anozira Records. The single has been released to country radio and is now available on iTunes.

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The Lockhearts ‘Freakshow’ single review

Rock isn’t dead; it’s been waiting for The Lockhearts to give it a kick in the ass to revise it. I ain’t declaring The Lockhearts the second coming of anyone in particular but they’re on their way to being a band to take seriously. “Freakshow” is a loud, abrasive anthem with a very catchy tune complete with really tight musicianship on all levels. Vocalist Tim Meaco’s charging vocals are especially tight, the chanty groove of the single will certainly grab any true fan of rock who will declare the boys from Sydney, Australia no less than stellar. “Freakshow” along with its high concept video, have it in them to be a buzz worthy band in 2014.