Rapper is best known from 90 Day Fiance

Riverknight (known as River to most) is known for his starring role on the hit reality TV show 90 Day Fiance and the spin off The Family Chantal. However, what most don’t know about the 22-year-old Georgia native is that he is a hip hop superstar in the making. His first single, “Anna Mae,” was just released on all platforms and it’s a whole vibe.

Riverknight wrote the track solo. He says it all started as a young child. “Music has always been a passion of mine for a long time. My oldest brother actually inspired me at a young age,” he shares. “He is musically gifted. I’ve seen him pick up multiple instruments and play them as if he’d been practicing for a lifetime. When I was 11 my brother was in our basement with a band he was in and I would be in my room listening to all the different styles and genres. It drove me to develop a love for music and I listen to all genres of music I just have a ear for it. It all started from me being the little brother just trying to do what the big brother does.”

“Anna Mae” is a mid tempo hip hop track. There is a touch of pop inspired flow that drifts and it’s extremely main stream. Riverknight’s voice is very intriguing to the ear. He has one of those voices that you notice right away. For instance, when Kevin Gates comes on the radio you know it’s him because his voice is very familiar and distinct and Riverknight has the same catchy vocals. He couldn’t have picked a more perfect single, this track is radio ready and lyrically well built. “My baby got swag, baby got back, cake like Anna Mae” is a line that references Ike Turner. It seems Riverknight knows how to write catchy verses.

From TV personality to artist, Riverknight has all of the ingredients of a household name. He’s talented, good looking and has amazing style. You can download “Anna Mae” on all streaming platforms and DSPs