The single is from Reputation due November 10th

Some say Taylor Swift’s reputation took a hit back in 2016 following the debate on if she actually gave Kanye West permission to talk about her on his track “Famous.” However, I don’t think her reputation took a hit at all. Swifty’s are still going strong for the former country star who just released her new single titled “Look What You Made Me Do.” The track is the first single from the highly anticipated upcoming album Reputation due November 10th on Big Machine Records on CD.

In a brilliantly written song, sung by a newly inspired Taylor who proclaims the “old Taylor is dead,” it’s evident that Swift is holding nothing back. The track is a darker track, something different than you would normally hear from her. However, it’s insanely perfect.

The uptempo track with rather karma inspired lyrics is a sure fire pop hit. “Look What You Made Me Do” represents Swift in a position of power and strength. With lyrics such as, “Maybe I got mine but you’ll all get yours,” it’s clear she is no longer taking shit from anyone. She’s giving the world fair warning with the track.

A vengeful Swift has created new music that we all can learn from: Taking a bad situation and turning it into a hit song.

I, along with many others, can’t wait until Reputation is in stores!