Single brings imagination to listener’s mind

Have you listened to Laub’s song “A Brighter Day Ahead?” It is a melody that brings a wind of imagination into the listener’s mind. It not only evokes feelings of regret and a sombre mood but also the need for self-empowerment. The narrative of this music video focuses on how to overcome physical limitations through determination. The level of talent displayed in this song is no fluke; Asher’s dream-team of performers gave it their all in this music video.

Laub’s instrumental single describes his struggles after a significant setback, leaving him hopeless – something his most fervent fans can relate to with their own struggles. The viewer is faced with moments depicting mixed emotions from sorrow to happiness, throughout the music video, but happiness ultimately wins the struggle. His valiant efforts and hard work are notable throughout the song. The series of events in the narrative is also meaningful.

During live events, Laub performs with a custom-made electric LED violin, along with custom-edited audio tracks. The video is somewhat a reflection of his popular live performance concept, further enhanced by a concert-level video wall featuring a truck-load of special effects. His world-class breakdancing crew compliments the whole performance. Their ability to bring an energetic performance to relay the underlying message in “A Brighter Day Ahead” is breath-taking and beautifully artistic.

Watch the video once and you’ll understand how Laub’s resilience was born, despite seemingly impossible odds. His incredible performance infuses hope into his listeners. It’s a song that many of his fans can relate to during their day-to-day struggles, and it’s Laub’s sincerest hope that many more find solace in this video’s message. Moreover, “A Brighter Day Ahead” is a message about keeping faith in oneself alive and understanding the value of finding strength from within.

Laub’s progressive house single combines his violin lead, a tight rhythm, and energetic performance to produce a memorable display of sonic energy. As the song title suggests, “A Brighter Day Ahead” intends to give strength to its listeners amidst any struggles. Plenty of interpretive meanings are also displayed behind the narrative. The creativity in the narrative alone is enough to evoke feelings of sorrow and angst. After watching the whole performance, one can tell that he worked hard to push the genre.

On top of the violin melody, the special effects, and the fantastic dance vibes present a unique mood. What’s more, the song communicates the subject’s struggles and journey to recovery. His genuine determination, strength, and courage to get back on his feet serve as a message of encouragement. He portrays his talent through a narrative of combined acting, violin, and beats. He goes big despite having no vocals to pass information across to his listeners.

It’s amazing how he uses the misfortune that broke him and his career to emerge with unprecedented strength. “A Brighter Day Ahead” presents moments that are more than just entertaining. It seems the big lesson is how to pick the shattered pieces up and be determined even when there’s apparently little hope.

The struggle within can lead to growth only when there is a will to win. Remarkably, this is Laub’s message to his listeners as they navigate through their struggles. You see, the song starts with a thud, building anxiety to set the stage for a whole scene of events that makes the listener and viewer want to learn more. The video is cinematic in nature. It starts with a sad mood right from the first scene, showing struggles and a cry for help. Then, there is a display of struggles, pushing and trying hard to reach the goal. The song then ends with a triumphant win; hence “A Brighter Day” has finally arrived.

That’s a pretty precise summary of the song, but invites the viewer to apply the narrative to their own life! This song is a must for music lovers. And I think that anyone struggling in life will appreciate the efforts of Asher Laub.