Single brings out Mexican heritage

As I connected via Instagram Live, sitting in front of me was a strong and beautiful woman drinking tequila on the rocks. I knew then, this was going to be good. Leah Turner is a name that many know around Music City. She is authentic, outspoken and, let’s just say she may kick your ass if you cross her. She is a true rustic woman to her core.

Her latest single “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” unleashes her Hispanic roots. The track was inspired by her mother, a first generation Mexican American and her father who is a champion rodeo star. The track embodies falling in love under the Mexican moon. The story is descriptive and lively and the melody is fiery and fierce. The track was co-written by Turner and Jesse Frasure. Turner blends Spanish lyrics into the track and it’s a breath of fresh air.

“Coulda been the sand, the Mariachi band/Coulda been the way he said my name/Heat on my skin, when he pulled me in/As he whispered bese me,” the pre-chorus reads.

“This single is very special to me because it’s not only inspired by the love story of my parents, but brings together my American and Latin roots,” says Turner.

“Once Upon A Time In Mexico” is an upbeat spicy tune that is extremely compelling. Although it’s a country track, it could easily be a pop crossover hit. It has an impeccable melody that flows with Turner’s heavy and distinctive vocals. The growth is never ending for Turner. She has easily outdone herself with this one.