Duo preps debut full-length album

San Diego brothers Sam and Caleb Sheffield have released “Moves Like You.” The pair, professionally known as Black Sweater, wrote and recorded the track that could easily be a staple at indie and college stations due to its laid back production with a pop edge.

Vocals are remindful of Tom Petty’s lower register during the verses and Billie Joe Armstrong’s nasally higher voice during the refrains. The three-minute track was composed on the piano and is complete with clean guitars during the verses and distortion added over the choruses with pop-oriented drums throughout.

“I wrote ‘Moves Like You’ when I was dealing with a breakup,” Sam shares. “It started out as an idea I wrote on the piano – just some chords and a few lines of lyrics. I started layering in instruments, and the song came together. Then it all flowed out: sad verses, happy choruses – Either way, it moves…”

The last chorus gets a bit poppier as the song breaks down to drums and vocals only during the first part. Black Sweater uses the modern technique of bigger, roomy-sounding drums and bullhorn-like vocals before building and finishing with the full band. The song ends with a beautiful piano melody.

Fans of bands like The Strokes and The Marías are sure to enjoy Black Sweater. They have a diverse background in jazz and modern and classic rock that shows throughout their music.

“Moves Like You” is a song of reminiscence that will appear on the duo’s upcoming 14 debut album, That Girl I Knew, set for release in early August.

“Moves Like You” is available at digital outlets now, including Spotify.