Big Machine Label Group, CreatiVets release Veterans Day Special EP

New three track collection available now

Continuing a beloved partnership, Big Machine Label Group and CreatiVets have announced the release of Veterans Day Special – Volume III out now via Big Machine Records. Veterans Josh Wilson, Aaron King and Carl David provide hope to fellow Veterans through their penned lyrics heard throughout this three track collection featuring artists Drake White, Mitch Rossell and Dave Kennedy.

“This CreatiVets songwriting experience gave me a real sense of confidence in the idea that I still have things to contribute to the greater good,” shares Veteran and “The Men That Make The Thunder” songwriter Josh Wilson. “They showed me that acceptance and understanding, while not found in abundance everywhere, can always be found in the house of a brother’s keeper. CreatiVets serves as a shining example of exactly that.”

Serving as a connector for opportunities that magnify CreatiVets within the entertainment space, Big Machine Label Group continues to contribute to CreatiVets’ operational initiatives through Scott and Sandi Borchetta’s Music Has Value Fund and through Big Machine Music, which had served as the co-publisher for CreatiVets since the partnership was established in 2020.

Veteran and “I’ll Never Give Up” songwriter Aaron King states, “I hope that other Veterans as well as civilians can use this song as a battle cry when things get tough. As the lyric goes, ‘the brightest days follow the darkest nights.’ Don’t give up, you are worth it!”

The organization, CreatiVets, empowers wounded veterans to heal through the arts and music. Through songwriting sessions, they are providing Veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress and brain injury the opportunity to use art, music and creative writing to share their experiences and enabling them with tools they can use the rest of their lives. Each song is written to tell the veteran’s personal story and to provide a new strategy to help cope with anxiety and depression. Many Veterans continue to write songs on their own, furthering the healing process and helping others in similar situations.

“It was amazing turning a tragic event into a song,” recalls Veteran and “The Price He Paid” songwriter Carl David. “Being able to share the experience I was never able to talk about with anyone and the feelings I have carried silently for so many years started the healing process.”

1. The Men That Make The Thunder (featuring Drake White)
2. I’ll Never Give Up (featuring Mitch Rossell)
3. The Price He Paid (featuring Dave Kennedy)

Buddy Iahn
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