Event to be held June 17th in Seoul

BTS will celebrate its 10th anniversary with 2023 BTS Festa on June 17th in Yeouido, Seoul, Korea. The act has hosted Festa as an annual festival and tradition for themselves and Army around the date of their debut on June 13, 2013. This year, commemorating the bandโ€™s monumental 10th anniversary, a special offline event is planned.

The announcement was made by a teaser video showing the official slogan “BTS Presents Everywhere” appearing on the purple sky. The slogan holds dual meaning of “BTS presents are everywhere” and “BTS are present everywhere.” True to its slogan, the offline event will be a festival open to the public as well as Army.

More information regarding the event will be available at a later date.

The news drops ahead of the group’s latest single, “The Planet,” the soundtrack to the animated film Bastions. The songโ€™s lyrics reflect on the importance of planet Earth and will be available in physical and digital form on May 25th.

The band is currently on hiatus as each member fulfills their mandatory military service commitment to South Korea. Each will serve accordingly and release solo material before the global superstars are expected to reconvene in 2025.

The K-pop superstars’ BTS Exhibition: Proof in Los Angeles will continue through July 8th, giving visitors additional opportunities to celebrate all the moments in the groupโ€™s history that have brought them to their current global superstar status.