The single is the latest from his second solo album

BTS’ RM has dropped a new track titled “Come Back to Me” with an accompanying music video. The single is a pre-release track to his upcoming second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person slated for release on May 24th via BigHit Music.

RM first revealed the track in August, 2023 with a surprise performance at BTS bandmate Suga’s encore concert in Seoul, Suga | Agust D Tour “D-Day” The Final. He introduced the track as one of his favorites from his new project despite not yet having a title.

Now officially released as a digital single until nine months later, the indie pop track suggests that everything—although maybe not entirely everything—eventually comes back full circle. Through “Come Back to Me,” RM explores the central theme of the new album, “right and wrong,” delving into the paradoxical desire to venture into new territories while longing to remain content in the present.

With RM credited for the lyrics, “Come Back to Me” brings together a diverse group of musicians. Ohhyuk from the South Korean band Hyukoh composed and arranged the track, while Kuo from the Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster contributed to both the guitar and bass sessions. Singer-songwriter Jnkyrd and San Yawn from Balming Tiger were also credited.

The music video also demonstrates RM’s talent for orchestrating cutting-edge collaborations across various genres of pop culture, as the creative powerhouse gathered an impressive line-up of top talents from the film and television industry. Director Lee Sung Jin, renowned for the Netflix show Beef (2023), directed, produced, and wrote for the music video. Production designer Ryu Seong-Hie, celebrated for her work in Decision to Leave (2022) and Assassination (2015), alongside cinematographer Kim Woo Hyung, acclaimed for his work in films like 1987 (2017) and Late Autumn (2011), also joined forces. The music video also features acting by Kim Minha, known for her role in the Apple TV+ show Pachinko (2022).

The video begins with RM blankly gazing at the audience amid a bustling party, while people around him are deeply immersed in the atmosphere. As he ventures into diverse settings that seem almost surreal, populated by initially unfamiliar individuals, the viewers observe RM in various outfits, appearing somewhat lost in a maze. Slowly, he finds solace amidst the company of strangers in these disparate places, having encountered someone who seems to be in a similar circumstance. The music video captures the uncanny yet familiar sensation of feeling like a stranger in different surroundings, echoing the theme of the upcoming album.

With 11 alternative genre-based tracks, including the pre-release track “Come Back to Me,” RM’s second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person conveys a raw and honest presentation of his distinctive sensibility, aesthetics, and beliefs.