Two track collection of original songs available now

The ‘90s influenced band Hot Country Knights, now tallying 33 mostly wasted years and countless bad decisions, has delivered on their promise of return with a two-track collection of original songs, Midknight Rodeo. The title track that the band shockingly claims isn’t actually about a rodeo, builds on the their long and hard-earned reputation of 90s country nostalia. But, it’s the collection’s “Herassmeant,” a duet with lead singer Doug Douglason (Dierks Bentley) and his former hometown flame Darla McFarland (Lainey Wilson), that bares the wistful tale of unrequited love that’s creating whispers of Grammy nominations up and down the Music Row songwriting community. Hot Country Knights also released a visual component to “Herassmeant.”

“The Knights are back, baby,” Douglason shouts. “Being off the road since the Big V (virus) has really made us reflect on what we had taken for granted. When you have a chance to really get to the core of what these songs are about, it’s just a raw appreciation for the most satisfying parts of life. I don’t expect anyone to get it on the first six or seven listens, this is deep thinking stuff.”

While it’s not clear why or how, superstar Dierks Bentley returns to the studio as producer for the follow up to Hot Country Knights’ debut The K is Silent alongside frequent collaborator Jim Beavers. Both can also be found in the writing credits for “Herassmeant” with Lainey Wilson and Luke Dick.

“Yeah, seems like everybody is talking about harassment these days and the Knights do not tolerate that stuff,” shares Douglason. “You gotta treat your lady right, tell her how you feel about her, respect her, love on her. My old flame Darla McFarland, who most people will remember from Teazers down in Murfreesboro, was itching to sing on this one. She knew she was the inspiration, so how could we say no? Darla is the best damn country singer of the last three decades, in my opinion. Everybody better get down to Tower Records before the CDs are sold out.”

“Nothin’ hits better in country music than authenticity,” adds McFarland. “Seeing how I was the inspiration behind this song, I thought I’d help Doug make a good song great.”

Famous for never giving up on the dream of the ‘90s, the Hot Country Knights are comprised of band leader Douglas (“Doug”) Douglason, lead bass player Trevor Travis, lead guitarist Marty Ray (“Rayro”) Roburn, keytar/fiddle player Terotej (“Terry”) Dvoraczekynski, steel guitarist Barry Van Ricky and percussionist Monte Montgomery. With tongue firmly in cheek, the Knights revive a comedic element which has long been integral to the country genre, but has rarely been seen since the days of Grand Ole Opry stars like String Bean Akeman, Minnie Pearl and others. With organic euphoria of live country music and its truly gratifying lyrics, their debut album The K is Silent honors 90s country with a strong debut. Produced by Dierks Bentley, who also served as a co-writer on over half of the 10 brawny tracks, their debut record is one of the most musically satisfying debut albums since 1999. The dedicated road warriors have basically lived out of a van their entire existence and will trek north for to launch the Gravel & Gold Tour with Dierks Bentley next weekend.