Igloo releases Grateful Dead Dancing Care Bears Little Playmate cooler

Cooler runs $44.95 while supplies last

Igloo is collaborating with the Grateful Dead and the Care Bears with the release of a special edition Playmate cooler featuring original artwork of a reimagined roly-poly little Care Bear inspired by the legendary rock ‘n’ roll band. The all-new Grateful Dead Dancing Care Bears Little Playmate cooler is now available exclusively at igloocoolers.com.

“This is the triple collab that brings smiles to our faces, rock ‘n’ roll to our spirits and ice-cold drinks in our hands,” shares Brian Garofalow, Chief Marketing Officer at Igloo. “For decades, the iconic Grateful Dead and the lovable Care Bears have represented peace, love, community and lots of color, so it made perfect sense to join them into a design on the fan-favorite Playmate — the cooler that’s been bringing people together during good times since 1971.”

Igloo designed the all-new Grateful Dead Dancing Care Bears Little Playmate with original artwork that creatively and colorfully blends the two beloved brands, from hearts and stars seen within the universe of the Care Bears to roses and lightning bolts made famous on the Grateful Dead album covers. The Dancing Care Bear showcased prominently throughout the four panels of the Playmate cooler remixes the many Care Bear characters into one that’s inspired by elements of the famous Grateful Dead dancing bears and dancing skeletons — complete with the Steal Your Face design as the symbol on the Bears tummy.

The Igloo x Grateful Dead x Care Bears Little Playmate cooler (with a seven-quart capacity that fits up to nine 12-ounce cans) can be purchased for $44.95, while supplies last.

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