Jon Bon Jovi enlists fans to co-write song

“Do What You Can” is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic

Jon Bon Jovi says “Do What You Can” while quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic. The rock star has written the first verse and chorus to the new track at his home studio in New Jersey, and is asking fans to contribute by writing the second verse. He shared the song on social media, sharing it was inspired by everyone being quarantined.

“I did what I do best, which is to sit down with my guitar and put something to words, for you, maybe to brighten up your day,” he says. “Here’s my idea… we write this one together. I’m going to give you the chorus, I’m going to give you the first verse. I’m going to play the second verse. You tell me your story. Tell me what you’re going through. Tell me how you’re feeling. Tell me if you’re hurting. Talk about that high school graduation that’s gonna be canceled. Talk about the prom that just might not happen. Talk about that baby coming there’s nothing you can do about that. Talk about the paycheck that you’re losing. Talking about being afraid, looking out your window and wondering what to make of this. Just remember, we’re going to get through it. So sing your song, you and me together, and remember, you can’t do what you, do what you can.”

Fans can record themselves singing along to Jon’s recording and share it on social media with #DoWhatYouCan. No word on what happens to the second verse or when someone’s verse will be chosen.

On Saturday (March 21st), Jon showed support to 8300 Chicago Facebook users who sang the band’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” from their windows while in isolation to help combat the virus.

“Hey Chicago, I heard that you guys are about to open up your windows and scream and shout to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,'” he shares. “I want you to know that I’m just warming up getting ready to sing along with you. In these trying times, I am with you with all of my heart and my soul, sending my love to everybody in Chicago and across America. Sing it out, baby. We’re all going to come through this together. Be strong, I love you.”

Also on Saturday, Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. The rockstar posted the news on an Instagram post saying he’s feeling better after a week of being quarantined.

Every major concert, festival and event have either been postponed or canceled due to the pandemic the World Health Organization (WHO) declared last week. More than 300k cases have been reported in 110 countries with 13k deaths and those numbers growing daily. Nearly 100k people have contracted and survived the virus that was discovered last year, forcing much of the world to shut down or reduce hours.

Every hour seems to bring different ideas around the country. Several states have issued “Stay at Home” orders with others quickly following. Only essential businesses, such as grocery stores, banks and gas stations, remain open in those states until further notice. Schools are out for at least a month, but possibly through the end of the school year. International travel has also been restricted until further notice to help combat the rapid spread of the deadly virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Bon Jovi is set to kick off the Bon Jovi 2020 tour with Bryan Adams on June 10th in Tacoma, WA. The trek wraps July 27th-28th with a pair of shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Each ticket sold includes a copy of Bon Jovi 2020 on CD when its’ released on May 15th via Island Records.

The band has released the first single from the project called “Limitless.” It’s an upbeat anthem encouraging optimism in an uncertain world. The single is now available at radio, streaming and digital outlets.

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