Juanes previews album with Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience

New partnership offers holistic experience

Juanes is an undeniable icon of innovation and creativity in his already groundbreaking career. As part of 2022 Latin Grammy week, the legendary superstar became the first artist to offer an exclusive listening preview for his upcoming album in a Mercedes-Benz equipped with Dolby Atmos Music. Apple Music, Universal Music Group, Dolby and Mercedes-Benz are revolutionizing the way music is enjoyed on the road going forward with the experience.

During the event, Juanes himself presented his highly anticipated upcoming album in a Mercedes-Benz equipped with Dolby Atmos alongside key media members and trendsetters. His 11th studio record is slated to release in 2023 and was mixed in Dolby Atmos and optimized for this ultimate in-car experience. Juanes, always being at the forefront of originality and innovation, showcased his inventive approaches to his musical and lyrical composition, bringing forth this first-of-its-kind listening experience and serving as an inspiring example of both genuine artistic vision and of the power that artists have in changing the world.

Exclusively presented through the expansive audio lens of Dolby Atmos, guests experienced an immersive sound experience, like no other, that revealed details with unparalleled clarity and depth while simultaneously showcasing the full scope of Juanes’s vision in its truest and most authentic form. The experience conveyed, more accurately than ever before, the creativity with which he brought his new songs to life from the deepest corners of his brilliant mind to the floor of the studio.

“It is an honor to have been selected as the first artist to participate in this incredible collaboration, something that will allow me to share my music and message in a new and impactful way. Thanks to this new technology, and with the support of Apple Music, Dolby, Mercedes-Benz and Universal Music, I am grateful that my fans will be able to enjoy my upcoming album the way I always imagined and intended it to sound,” Juanes shares.

“Dolby Atmos marks a new milestone in the way fans can enjoy music, in its purest form, as close as possible to how the artist envisioned it and having this technology now available in cars is a game changer. We are proud today to have Juanes, one of the most innovative Latin artists of all time, be the first artist to present his upcoming album in this format,” states Jesús López Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Latin America & Iberian Peninsula.

“It is incredible to see how artists continue to use Dolby Atmos to push the boundaries of what’s creatively possible. This album is a great example of such artistry,” adds Christine Thomas, Head of Music Partnerships, Dolby Laboratories. “Experiencing Juanes in Dolby Atmos is pure delight that’s amplified further when experienced in a Mercedes-Benz through Apple Music. We can’t wait for fans to enjoy this one-of-kind experience when the album releases next year.”

Juanes is currently celebrating the release of his new single “Amores Prohibidos,” which dropped on November 10th and represents the start of a new creative cycle for the artist, one that will reveal his thoughtful journey inward during the pandemic to reexamine life, love, family, and his own emotional intricacies. The new project follows the resounding success of his 2021 album Origen, which garnered both Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, and will be the first album of original work he has released since Mas Futuro Que Pasado in 2019.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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