Kenny Chesney unveils cover art, track listing for new live album

The project is due October 27th

Kenny Chesney has unveiled the artwork, tracks and guest artists for his upcoming live album, Live In No Shoes Nation. The 29 track project will be released on October 27th via Sony Music Nashville. The album includes appearances by Eric Church, Mac McAnally, David Lee Murphy, Old Dominion, Grace Potter, Taylor Swift and the Zac Brown Band.

“You record songs, you put’em on a record,” Chesney marvels of listening to the recordings from the past ten years on tour. “You know, people think it stops there. Even when it’s on the radio, that’s really between the listener and their life. But when you have people in your life like No Shoes Nation, I’ve come to believe, we figure out what these songs really mean when we get out there on the road and sing’em together!

“So as I was listening to some of these tapes, I decided: they’re as much the people who’ve been coming out to the shows as anybody’s! I shouldn’t be the only one listening – and that sent me down a tube into all these summers out there rocking. When I told the record company how many songs, they thought I’d lost my mind… And that was before we added ‘Young,’ which really started and defined this chapter, to the list!”

Starting where Florida meets Alabama on the Gulf Coast, Live in No Shoes Nation kicks off with over 40,000 strong hearing “Flora-Bama” for the first time, then proceeds through obscure gems, massive hits and intriguing collaborations. For Chesney, it became a sonic document of all the fun, the moments, the rising and falling action of a million+ citizen place without borders: No Shoes Nation.

With the first recording a medley with Dave Matthews from the close of 2007 Flip Flop Summer Tour, Live in No Shoes Nation pulls rarely played jewels including “I’m Alive,” “Coastal” and the deeply personal “Happy on the Hey Now,” as well as locational homages to Guy Clark with “Hemingway’s Whiskey” and Bruce Springsteen with “One Step Up.” In these quieter moments, the 2016 BMI President’s and CMA Pinnacle Award winner shows his poet’s heart.

“No Shoes Nation not only knows no boundaries, we love all kinds of music,” Chesney allows. “It’s why Grace Potter is as loved as Eric Church, why David Lee Murphy gets the same response as Zac Brown and his guys. We love life, we love music and we all really love each other!”


  1. Flora–Bama
  2. Summertime
  3. Big Star (with Taylor Swift)
  4. Boston
  5. When I See This Bar (with Eric Church)
  6. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
  7. Anything But Mine
  8. Down The Road (with Mac McAnally)
  9. Guitars And Tiki Bars
  10. Hemingway’s Whiskey
  11. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (with Zac Brown Band)
  12. I’m Alive
  13. Save It for a Rainy Day (with Old Dominion)
  14. Pirate Flag
  15. Somewhere With You
  16. I Go Back
  17. One Step Up
  18. American Kids
  19. You And Tequila (with Grace Potter)
  20. Young
  21. There Goes My Life
  22. Out Last Night
  23. Dust On The Bottle (with David Lee Murphy)
  24. Coastal
  25. The Boys of Fall
  26. Noise
  27. Old Blue Chair
  28. The Joker (with Dave Matthews)
  29. Three Little Birds (with Dave Matthews)
  30. Happy on the Hey Now

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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