‘Los Punks: We Are All We Have’ documentary set for VOD in May

Los Punks: We Are All We Have, a feature film documentary that portrays the South Central and East Los Angeles punk scene, is set for Video On Demand (VOD) in mid May.

From the producers of Dogtown and Z-Boys and Bones Brigade, the autobiography takes a look at an expressive, explosive world that is known about but almost never entered by outsiders. The film, directed by renowned photographer Angela Boatwright, explores the young, mostly Hispanic, punk scene in LA and finds an undeniably gritty, yet creative environment. With unprecedented access to backyard parties, concerts and daily ups and downs, the film shares a verité look at the realities of the 21st century, our need for community, the importance of self expression and, of course, the power of rock n’ roll.

The film focuses on a variety of characters: Nacho, Alex, April and Gary.

• Nacho is a member of the punk band Corrupted Youth, which LA Weekly named one of the best punk bands in LA. He’s also a promoter whose passion for punk has drawn him closer to his sister Natalie.

• Alex was an angry and troubled kid who thought about suicide more times than he can count. His life was changed when he discovered punk music and started getting involved with the punk scene. His mohawk upset his father. But his dedication to his band Psyk Ward and pursuit of a career as a chef show us that there are some fascinating young people behind the music.

• April, just a teenager, is a savvy promoter who travels the streets of South Central, East Los Angeles and Compton with confidence. At 15, she’s working to earn money to help her mother cover the rent.

• Gary is an articulate college grad and child of Latin American refugees. A singer, he’s dedicated to his band Rhythmic Asylum and to studying for his LSATs in order to pursue a legal justice career.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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