Music copyright infringement tracking, reporting software in beta test

Iconic Artists LLC is a music technology company created to help musical works rights holders to accurately track, efficiently report and collect royalties

In direct response to the continued threat of piracy and exploitation, Iconic Artists LLC recently announced beta testing of its copyright infringement and reporting software StreamTrack.

Responding to a sea-change in the music industry, Iconic Artists LLC created the StreamTrack app to help songwriters, musicians and other rights’ holders keep track of their intellectual property. Using state-of-the-art technology, the IT and programming experts at Iconic Artists LLC have developed a real-time tracking software that accurately logs and reports copyright infringement related to streaming music. The app is currently in beta-testing but is poised to become a standard industry tool for accountability and transparency.

“Independent labels have historically been at a disadvantage to the big three due to the difficulty’s in effectively and efficiently identifying instances of infringement,” states¬†founder, Michael J. Flynn Jr. “Pursuing claims has been a closed game, time consuming and expensive. Iconic StreamTrack is a game changer for the other indie labels. Combined with our Tier 1 Global Legal Rights Pursuit Team StreamTrack gets the evidence to help put more money in right’s holders pockets.”

Even before the onset of the digital age, lack of transparency and abuse of intellectual property were rampant; but with the rise of the Internet and digital downloads, multiple streaming websites, and music dissemination on a scale hitherto never seen before, piracy and infringement has become even more flagrant. The StreamTrack app is the first step for Iconic towards the development of a platform of music publishing and copyright administration services.

Spotify was recently the target of a $1.9 billion-dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement, and SiriusXM, YouTube and Spotify have all settled for hundreds of millions in claims for such infringements over recent years. The window of opportunity for finding, identifying and legally making music copyright infringement claims is closing. Governments as well as corporations continue to find ways to limit the time and opportunities for artists to make such remuneration claims.

Flynn continues, “Federal law provides for a minimum of five times return on the cost of our infringement reporting service. Factor the reporting credit we give artists when they pursue claims through us and we provide the best service at the best price in the industry. We have already identified tens of millions of dollars in infringements. The time is unquestionably now to capture data for use now or in the future. There are literally billions of dollars in potential claims out there.”

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