Netflix interested in Motley Crue biopic ‘The Dirt’

When Motley Crue announced its retirement in January 2014, they discussed finally bringing their 2002 autobiography, “The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band,” to theaters. Now, it may becoming to Netflix instead, as talks are underway between the streamer and the band, according to Deadline.

The film, which was previously being developed at Focus Films and Paramount Pictures — at separate times — will be produced by the band with the script being written by Rich Wilkes and and Californication creator Tom Kapinos, who is also a big fan. Jackass director Jeff Tremaine is on board to direct the film about the band’s excess with drugs, sex, makeup and celebrity love affairs. Julie Yorn, Erik Olsen and Allen Kovac are co-producing while Chris Nilsson, Steve Kline and Rick Yorn and set to executive produce.

No word on when the project will go into production or be released, as several delays pushed back its initial release date of 2015 when it was slated to coincide with the group’s Final Tour. “The Dirt” is not only one of the best selling rock books of all time, but also one of the greatest rock books of all time because of its brutal honesty, its unique voice, its multiple perspectives on the same events and its first-person inclusion of all members of the same band. Most rock memoirs are salacious mud-slinging accounts of a single person and Motley Crue was adamant to include the perspectives of all four of its members.

“It’s awesome to be working with the band at such an exciting time in Motley Crue’s history.”

Tremaine’s intention is to make, not just a great movie about a band, but a great movie about four misfits who, despite themselves and everyone else, band together to overcome the odds and change the history of Rock & Roll. “The Dirt’ is a movie I’ve wanted to make ever since I read the book in 2002,” says Tremaine. “I relate to the story on so many levels; my whole professional career has been about boys behaving badly, so I have a real connection to the material. It’s awesome to be working with the band at such an exciting time in Motley Crue’s history.”

With over 80 million albums sold, Motley Crue has sold out countless tours across the globe and spawned more than 2,500 Motley Crue branded items sold in over 30 countries. Motley Crue has proven they know how to make a lasting impression and signed a formal Cessation Of Touring Agreement that became effective after the band performed its final show together in Los Angeles on December 31, 2015.

“It’s awesome to be working with the band at such an exciting time in Motley Crue’s history.”

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