NMIXX releases ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

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Following the success of their latest release Entwurf (which has sold more than half a million copies), South Korean girl group NMIXX has released “Funky Glitter Christmas” via JYP Entertainment. The track is the group’s first holiday single, and a special year-end treat for their fans.

The jolly pop track is led by groovy brass and piano rhythms, and melodies from classic Christmas carols. The upbeat single incorporates each of the girl’s vocal styles to create a musical spectacle showcasing the uniqueness of each member. Likewise, lyrics like “In the shining time, We’re together / We shine more ‘cause we are together” echo the single’s theme of celebrating togetherness.

A celebration for both their accomplishments as a band the past year, and for their fan’s support, the Funky Glitter Christmas music video is all things funky, glittery, and Christmas-filled. All dressed up in their unique style, the girl’s take a moment to really enjoy being together for the holiday!

“Funky Glitter Christmas” is the first release of the girl group’s “Intermixxion Single” series, which will include special tracks, concepts and performances, highlighting the unique and natural charm of NMIXX. The title “Intermixxion Single” is a combination of “Intermission” and the letters “XX” from NMIXX.

As one of the fastest rising groups in Korea, NMIXX have already amassed over 3.5 monthly million listeners on Spotify. In February 2022, NMIXX made their explosive entrance to the K-pop scene with their debut album, Ad Mare, which sold over 220K copies in the first week of release, marking the highest debut album sales by a girl group in K-pop history. To date, the album has sold nearly half a million copies and has surpassed 115 million streams on Spotify. The music video for the title track off Ad Mare “O.O,” surpassed 20 million views in the first 24-hours, entered the Billboard Global chart at No. 71, and also ranked No. 138 on Billboard Global 200. The music video to their most recent single, “Dice,” has amassed over 63 million views just two months after release.

The name NMIXX combines the letter “N” which stands for “now,” “new,” and “next,” and the word “mix,” which symbolizes combination and diversity altogether meaning “the best combination for a new era.” The group — consisting of Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo and Kyujin — are undoubtedly destined for global stardom.

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