Morbid Angel and two other bands were to perform

One person was killed and 28 others injured after the roof and marquee collapsed Friday night (Mar 31st) during a sold out death metal concert at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, IL, roughly an hour outside of Chicago. Morbid Angel was set to headline with Revocation and Skeletal Remains supporting. CBS News reports the incident happened 30 minutes into the concert amid severe weather with 90 mph winds impacting the area.

The first call was reported as a mass-casualty event with a request for 20 ambulances. About 260 people were inside at the time of collapse, including the crowd, staff and bands.

Five people were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, 18 with moderate injuries and five more with minor injuries. Others likely found their own transportation to the hospital.

Video from the scene shows the marquee and a large portion of the bowstring truss roof on the ground. Bricks were also seen lying in the middle of the street with some debris on nearby vehicles.

Part of the ceiling and proscenium inside the theater had collapsed as well, leaving the building exposed to the lightning and rain overhead.

Morbid Angel reports that a tornado caused the damage.

“Tonights show is canceled due to a tornado that hit the venue,” the band shares on Facebook. “We ask anyone who is still traveling to the venue to please seek shelter and stay safe. We are currently sheltering in place, and want to extend our support and hope that everyone at the show tonight is safe. Right now our focus is on making sure everyone in the venue tonight is ok and gets home.”

Severe weather had impacted the state for much of the day with tornadoes and high winds.