Seven awesome gift ideas for a friend who loves music

It’s soon to be the birthday of one of your closest friends. You want to get them something special, yet don’t know what. You know they love music and that’s your starting point. But there’s no point buying an album as they stream or download music. You want to get them something meaningful, so vouchers to buy music are also out of the question. You don’t need to look any further, as we’ve got some ideas for gifts for your music-loving friend right here.

1. Speakers

Speakers are great to enjoy music and allow the sound to fill up your room. JBL is known for the excellent sound quality of their speakers, but which one would your friend like between the JBL Flip 4 vs Flip 5? Similar in price, the Flip 5 charges considerably quicker, is louder, and has better sound quality than its older sibling. However, the Flip 4 is better to take out and about in terms of portability as it doubles as a speakerphone and has an aux.

Will the speaker be a permanent fixture in their home or will it be with them wherever they go? Once you know this, you’ll be able to make the right purchase for your friend.

2. Shower Speaker

What better way to unwind by playing a few of your favorite tunes whilst washing out the stresses and strains of the day? Gifting them a shower speaker will be a definite game-changer.

The Wonderboom 2 not only floats but has a good sound quality and pairs to devices quickly. The Swimmer Duo is even smaller and has a microphone, so your friend could take calls as they’re lathering up. It’s also worth mentioning that both the JBL Flip 4 and Flip 5 are waterproof, so they can be used when showering.

3. Wireless Earphones or Earbuds

Gone are the days of using earphones that required a jack to be plugged into before you got sound. There are wireless earphones or buds for every budget. The Earfun Air is considered a front-runner and provides a good quality sound for around seven hours, and 28 with their case.

What you need to know is when does your music-loving friend use them the most? If they’re using them traveling to work or exercising, consider noise-canceling ones. If so, then the Apple AirPods Pro is definitely worth considering, they’re an improvement on the AirPods 2, yet they only provide five hours worth of listening time, and 24 with their case.

4. VMP Membership

You could do something completely unique and pay for your friend to have a membership to the Vinyl Music Player. Membership varies from a minimum of three months to a year. Every month, whilst a member, your friend will get to choose from 4 tracks, which will get delivered to them, along with some other treats.

If your friend likes collecting vinyl, then this gift will be one they’ll enjoy. There’s an online store they can browse, and they get to even swap records if they see something they’d prefer over what they have.

5. Personalized Glass Acrylic Music Plaque

Everyone will have a song that reminds them of a certain moment in their life. For instance, a song they first danced to with their partner, the song that was number 1 when they were born, or even just a song that has lyrics they resonate with, for whatever reason. Perhaps there’s even a song that especially means something to you and your friend, so why not mark that special song by turning the song’s artwork into a plaque?

6. Wall Art

This is a gift that you cannot go wrong with. You can get album covers made into artwork, which you can get framed, that your friend particularly loves. Or you can get the sound waves of their favorite song, or one that has particular meaning to them, made and framed. What’s even greater about this gift is you get to choose the color of the sound waves, the words you want to add, as well as the size. Altogether, this truly is a personal gift that your friend will absolutely love.

7. Ticket Stub Organizer

Like a scrapbook, you can get a similar one for your friend to use to put ticket stubs of music events they’ve gone to. Many of us keep the stubs as a reminder of where we’ve been, especially if we’ve seen something live.

There are even ones with a writing section by where each stub should be placed, so your friend can write about the event, who they went with, and what happened. This is a gift that keeps on giving because, as time goes on, your friend will be able to reminisce about all the places and events they’ve been to.

With such a diverse list of music-orientated gifts, we’re sure you’ll find something your friend will love. Your friend will know as soon as they’ve unwrapped your gift how much effort you’ve gone to, to find them something for their birthday. This will make your gift even more special and make their birthday one remember.

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