Heaven Sent Delinquent is an album made for everyone

Shawna Virago’s Heaven Sent Delinquent touches upon many themes, but this album that’s heavy on acoustics, comes with edge. Edge isn’t a word very often used to describe what is primarily a folk album with, believe it or not, punk influences, but that’s what Heaven Sent Delinquent has. Of course, the edge may come from Virago herself since the albums touches on her experience living as a transgender woman living in the world today.

The songs contain elements of being rejected, having regret, love and hope. For others in the Trans community, the tracks “The Ballad of Miss Suzy” and “Gender Armageddon” will speak to them. But universally, we’ll all be able to relate to those tracks in some way. “Bright Green Ideas” and “Holly Rollers” are standouts for their excellent musical arrangements and messages folks will be able to relate to on a very human level.

Heaven Sent Delinquent is an album made for everyone. It’s not an album made for any specific group, but it will appeal to the Trans community. But anyone can sit down and enjoy this truly unique offering.