Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Zach Bryan, Tyla, The Black Crowes & others are featured

Tribeca Festival invites music enthusiasts to explore the curated collection of music videos. Through this platform, viewers can enjoy the visual and auditory experience and also participate in the excitement by casting their votes for their favorite entries.

The ten music videos participating in the competition, specially curated by Tribeca programmer Sharon Bedal, include “Booked A Room” directed and performed by Kris Lefcoe, “En El Bronx Part 2” song by Bad Bunny and directed and starring Armani Ortiz, “Illusion” featuring Dua Lipa and directed by Tanu Muino, “Never Ending Song” song by Conan Grey and directed by Bardia Zeinali, “Nine Ball” song by Zach Bryan, featuring Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan and Scott Shepherd and directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, “Prince Shoutoku” song by Wednesday Campanella and directed by Nao Watanabe, “Six Feet Deep” song by Lanie Garner directed by Ryan Hood, “Won’t Be Around” directed and performed by Terry Blade and “Wanting and Waiting” song by The Black Crowes and directed by Chris Acosta and Chris Phelps, “Water” song by Tyla and directed by Child.

“Illusion” performed by Dua Lipa – Directed by Grammy-Nominated Tanu Muino, the music video for “Illusion” features Dua alongside dancers, high divers, and synchronized swimmers in Barcelona, Spain. The video culminates with Dua climbing a castell-inspired tower, a reference to the infamous Catalonian tradition.

“Wanting and Waiting” performed by The Black Crowes – Directed by Chris Acosta and Chris Phelps, call it brotherly love or music destiny that brought them back together, the highly anticipated record consecrating the reunion of this legendary band just may save rock & roll.

“Nine Ball” performed by Zach Bryan – Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen and co-starring Tye Sheridan and Scott Shepherd, the visual brings the lyrics to life in vivid and vibrant fashion with award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey playing the narrator’s father. It’s a generational story, exploring the way our perspectives of our fathers change as we grow older.

“Water” performed by Tyla – Directed by Grammy-nominated child, the music video for “Water” creates a bright world woven from the fantasies of a woman who’d do anything for just one more moment with her lover. The video explores the interconnectedness of intimacy and dependency with metaphoric visuals and cinematic lensing.

“En El Bronx Part 2” music by Bad Bunny – Directed by Armani Ortiz and choreographed by long-time Broadway Sandy Alvarez, the wedding day is finally here, but the Bronx is filled with drama! With this new Bad Bunny-inspired musical, Benito comes back from his bachelor party only to realize his marriage and friendships might be in danger!

“Never Ending Song” performed by Conan Grey – Directed by Nina Soriano, Conan Gray arrives at the grocery store Food Heaven shortly before closing time. As the store closes down for the night, Conan, the employees, and other shoppers fall into a dancing trance, mesmerized by the 80s-inspired tune. This video features ghosts of Conan’s past, including a now pregnant Heather, and brings viewers into Conan’s magical retro synth pop.

“Booked A Room” directed and performed by Kris Lefcoe – In this hallucinatory stop-motion film/music video, a woman experiences intense anxiety and frustration as a plane crashes into her hotel room. As she finally finds the tears she’s been searching for, her tidal wave of tears fills the empty pool and as a result, brings the faded motel to its swinging 70s heyday. The woman, all out of tears, sips a Pina Colada.

“Prince Shoutoku” performed by Wednesday Campanella – Directed by Nao Watanabe, the video delves into the intriguing concept of the historical figure Prince Shoutoku, blending funky sounds with humorous lyrics. Utaha seeks advice from multiple versions of herself, showcasing playful visuals.

“Won’t Be Around” directed and performed by Terry Blade – Written and performed by singer-songwriter Terry Blade, at its core, the song is about meaning the words we say, and acting on the words we’ve used. Stylistically, the song and video draw from the rural and early American roots music of the first half of the 20th century–the lifeblood of America’s musical and cultural heritage.

“Six Feet Deep” performed by Lanie Gardner – Directed by Ryan Hood, “Six Feet Deep” is a narrative music video that follows Lanie Gardner and her outlaw love interest. After Lanie suspects her boyfriend of cheating, she hatches a plan to teach him a lesson and make sure he never comes back. Dark and uplifting at the same time this film is about empowerment for women leaving the ending open to interpretation for the viewer.

Voting is scheduled through June 12th through the festival’s website.