TuneGo launching game-changing NFT marketplace

TuneGONFT creates game-changing platform to secure music and digital media and more

TuneGO, Inc. has chosen Flow to launch TuneGONFT, a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for the creative community, powered by the patented TuneGO Vault. The first-of-its-kind solution enables artists to secure their content, protect their creative rights, mint NFTs, distribute their music to streaming platforms, monetize their music on social media, and license their content for TV, films, and video games — all on one unified platform.

“We are passionately committed to the creative community. The patented TuneGO Vault is the world’s most robust platform for content security and creative rights protection,” states John Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO of TuneGO. “The Flow blockchain is the world’s premier blockchain for NFTs. We believe no one can match our platform’s seamless integration across the full supply chain of music, art, and entertainment.”

TuneGONFT is built on the Flow blockchain and has been fully integrated with the patented TuneGO Vault. The enhanced TuneGO Vault for NFTs, launched earlier this year, creates a permanent digital record of the entire creative process prior to the minting of an NFT, ensuring the highest achievable level of creative rights transparency and protection against copycats and piracy, as well as increasing the NFT’s value for collectors.

Using TuneGONFT, NFT buyers and collectors can gain secure, private access to the patented TuneGO Vault after buying an NFT, where they can view the original creative rights, as well as access, view, and download all of the digital files included on the NFT.

“The combination of the patented TuneGO Vault with the Flow blockchain offers both NFT creators and collectors a simplified, seamless platform for the transfer of NFT ownership rights,” states Alison Ball, President of TuneGO. “The entire NFT transaction history is secured on-chain with Flow and off-chain with TuneGO, which creates the world’s most transparent and secure platform for managing NFT creator and collector rights. We are incredibly proud to be transforming the music industry and the creative universe for the better in this way.”

One of the revolutionary and groundbreaking features of TuneGONFT is creator splits, which track the revenue splits of the NFT sales, plus the master recording and publishing splits of the music associated with the NFTs. TuneGONFT provides music artists and the creative community with the ultimate solution for managing song splits, plus NFTs revenue splits — ensuring maximum transparency for revenue and royalty collection, plus fair and equitable payments to the creative community.

“Blockchain is reshaping how people use and interact with our digital world,” shares Mickey Maher, Head of Flow Partnerships, Dapper Labs. “Our partnership with TuneGO helps empower the creative community to harness blockchain to transform how they and their audiences create and consume content—while protecting what they own and market.”

With TuneGONFT, artists get creative rights ownership consensus. The average hit song today has four or more songwriters and six publishers — and therefore, there are at least 10 creative rights owners for each individual song. The patented TuneGO Vault requires all copyright owners, songwriters, and publishers to review and approve the creative rights prior to the minting of the NFT, ensuring creative rights protection for artists that prevents royalty disputes going forward.

Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain that consumes thousands of times less energy than Ethereum and other traditional proof-of-work blockchains. This makes TuneGONFT one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly technology solutions for content security, creative rights protection, and equitable royalty collection.

All TuneGO users, even those who do not utilize NFTs, can secure their content and protect their creative rights in the patented TuneGO Vault; distribute music to major streaming platforms (such as Spotify, Apple, and Amazon); monetize music and artwork on social media platforms (such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook); and license music and artwork for feature films, TV projects, and video games—all on one unified platform.

The first scheduled release on TuneGONFT will be the inaugural NFT drop from Method Man’s Tical World Comic Universe. TuneGO is also working with Hidden Beach Recordings on a robust, long-term NFT initiative based on music and other culturally relevant and historic content. Numerous additional NFT announcements from A-List celebrity artists, record labels, and music libraries are also forthcoming.

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